MARMERDO 12 Pairs Premium 7A Maple Wood Drumsticks – Balanced Pair of Drum Sticks for Beginner and Advanced Drummers


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Take your drumming to the next level with these premium 7A maple drumsticks from MARMERDO. Expertly crafted from quality maple wood, these drum sticks provide superior rebound and improved durability for consistent, reliable performance.

With a medium taper and small rounded tip, the 7A model offers a balanced feel and versatile playing. The lightweight design allows for faster playing while still providing enough power for drum fills and accents. Whether you’re a beginner honing your technique or a pro drummer on tour, these drumsticks will help you play your best.

Premium Maple Wood Construction

MARMERDO drumsticks are made from top-grade maple wood sustainably sourced from North American forests. Compared to oak, maple has a lighter weight and slightly more flex, giving these drum sticks better rebound off the drum head. The wood grain is meticulously inspected to ensure strength and prevent cracking or breaking while playing.

Maple also has natural shock-absorbing properties to reduce fatigue and discomfort during longer practice sessions or live performances. The matte finish improves grip, while premium varnish protects the wood and provides a sleek, professional appearance on stage.

Well-Balanced and Controlled Response

With a diameter of .565 inches, 7A drum sticks have a medium taper and smaller bead size of .375 inches designed for excellent balance. The shoulder of the stick tapers gradually into the neck for a controlled, even response across the entire stick.

Heavier, thicker sticks may have more power on the drum head, but thinner sticks like the 7A offer improved speed, better touch sensitivity, and more finesse. The lightweight design and smaller tip help control dynamics while reducing muscle fatigue.

The balance makes these 7A’s versatile for all genres from jazz and funk to rock and pop. The give and flex of the thinner neck allows subtle dynamics needed for lighter playing styles, while the full-bodied shoulder provides enough power and projection for heavier hitters.

Ideal for Beginner and Advanced Drummers

Well-suited for new students learning proper technique, the 7A is one of the most common sizes used by beginner drummers. The lighter feel makes it easier to hold the sticks correctly and develop control. Beginners can play faster and longer with less muscle strain before moving onto larger sizes.

Yet these are still professional-grade drum sticks suitable for daily practicing and drumming at any skill level. Plenty of famous drummers started with 7A’s and never changed because of the comfortable, balanced feel. The versatile design works for all music genres from jazz to metal and everything in between.

Premium Quality Drum Sticks Built to Last

MARMERDO drumsticks are precision manufactured under strict quality control for consistently round, straight, and well-centered sticks. The wood density, moisture content, and grain orientation are carefully inspected before being approved for drum stick production.

Advanced computerized lathes shape each drum stick to exact tolerances for weight, diameter, and bead measurements. The sticks are then sanded smooth by hand and coated with protective finishes. Only the highest grade sticks free of defects make it through final quality assurance testing.

With premium materials and construction, these drum sticks are built to last through months of regular use. The durable maple wood can handle rim shots while retaining the precise balance and feel throughout the life of the stick. Enjoy reliable performance show after show when you play with MARMERDO.

Complete Drummer’s Package

This listing from MARMERDO includes 12 pairs, or 24 total drumsticks, allowing you to stock up on these top selling sticks. Having extra pairs on hand ensures you’ll never be caught mid-show with a broken stick again. Share the other pairs with your bandmates or keep a set at your practice space.

A convenient nylon drum stick holder is also included to protect and carry up to 6 pairs. The mesh pouch prevents damage while keeping your drumsticks neatly organized inside your stick bag or backpack.

For drummers looking for premium sound and feel, this package has you covered with enough high-quality sticks to last through months of practices, rehearsals, and concerts. Order the 12 pack today and improve your drumming with professional 7A maple drumsticks.


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