Make Sweet Music with Quality Drumming Essentials




Every drummer needs high quality equipment to make the most of their talent. With Petift’s 3-piece drum stick and brush set, you’ll have all the tools you need to play your best.

Included in the Set:

– 1 Pair of 5A Maple Drum Sticks – Offering crisp, bright tone and excellent rebound, these are the perfect all-purpose sticks for rock, jazz, and practice. The maple wood construction provides strength without being too heavy. Contoured for an ergonomic grip.

– 1 Pair of Retractable Wire Brushes – Get smooth, sweeping jazz tones with these retractable wire brushes. Nylon bristles are gentle on drum heads for practice and offer dynamic sound possibilities. Handles have rubberized coating for comfort and control.

– 1 Pair of Wood Rod Brushes – Create soft, whispery sounds with these wood rod brushes. Several thin rods bound together move against the drum head for subtle acoustic effects. Wrap on handles improves grip and provides fuller sound.

High Quality Materials for Great Construction

The maple wood 5A drum sticks are kiln dried to prevent warping and provide consistent stick balance and feel. The wood brushes utilize select birch or beech wood for the rods, which are sanded smooth. Quality craftsmanship ensures durability through extended playing sessions.

The retractable wire brushes feature dense wire bristles that sweep over drum heads with ease. They provide flexibility and dynamic range for your jazz stylings. Both the wire and wood brushes have comfortable rubber handles shaped for optimal grip and control.

Convenient Features for Practice and Performance

The 5A drum sticks have a medium taper and small oval tip that offer rebound and articulation. Their design suits a wide range of playing styles and drum set applications.

The wire brushes retract via a small metal loop so they stay organized when stored in the included carry bag. Extending them is quick for performance readiness.

The wood brushes create mellow, textured tones perfect for softer volume playing. Rubberized handle wraps give you a secure grip so the rods can work their sweeping magic across the drums.

Comes Complete in a Sleek Black Bag

Petift includes a handy black carry bag so you can keep the set neat and organized. The premium bag has a lush velvet exterior to prevent scratches and damage. It keeps the sticks and brushes protected when transporting them to practice and gigs.

An integrated drawstring closure gives quick access and prevents spills. The set fits securely inside the bag, with a loop to hang it up for storage. Now your drum accessories can travel in sophisticated style.

Ideal for All Skill Levels

Whether you’re a first-time drummer or experienced player, Petift’s 3-piece drum stick and brush set has you covered.

The 5A sticks are suitable for beginners learning techniques and coordinating hands. Intermediate and advanced drummers will appreciate the quality and reliable performance too.

The brushes open up creative options for drummers expanding their skills. Wire brushes excel at whisper-soft jazz tones. Wood brushes add mellow color to percussion. It’s a great way to diversify your drumming capabilities.

Give the Gift of Music

Surprise the drummer in your life with this complete 3-piece drum stick and brush set from Petift. The quality gear will inspire creativity and motivate practice. It’s ideal for birthdays, holidays, recitals, and music milestones.

With handy storage bag included, it shows you care about organization and protecting their investment. This affordable set removes limits so they can progress and flourish as a drummer.

Drumming Excellence Within Reach

Take your drumming to the next level with Petift’s all-in-one set. It combines essential sticks and brushes into a versatile, value-packed kit. The premium components help unlock rhythmic versatility from tender ballads to rocking solos.

Don’t settle for flimsy, no name drum gear. Choose tools that inspire confidence and allow growth. Petift’s quality, selection, and smart design removes limitations so you can drum your very best.

Order Petift’s 3-piece drum stick and brush set today to enhance technique, open creative avenues, and make drumming pure joy. Your rhythmic path deserves the best.


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