Majestic Melodies 36-Bar Wind Chime Instrument – Crisp & Harmonious Sounds to Uplift Your Space




Experience the magic of music wherever you go with the Majestic Melodies 36-Bar Wind Chime Instrument. This high-quality percussion instrument delivers a symphony of crisp, melodious sounds that will uplift any space.

Expertly Crafted with Premium Materials

The Majestic Melodies wind chime instrument is expertly crafted with premium materials built to last. The 36 aluminum chime bars are made of durable, lightweight aluminum that won’t rust or corrode over time. Connected by strong nylon cord, the bars won’t detach or come loose. The edges are smooth and polished, so you can play comfortably without irritation.

At the top, a metal loop allows you to hang the chime vertically. Below, a sturdy metal stand securely holds the chimes in place while playing. The stand height is fully adjustable from 28 to 45 inches to accommodate sitting or standing performers of all ages and abilities.

36 Tuned Aluminum Bars Create Harmonious Music

This percussion instrument contains 36 aluminum bars meticulously tuned to the musical scale. Each bar produces a beautiful resonant tone when struck. With an incredible 5-octave range, the possibilities are endless. You can create anything from simple melodies to multi-layered harmonies.

The chime bars are organized in a single row for easy accessibility. Just use the included mallets to strike the bars and listen as your music fills the air. The crisp, sustained tones effortlessly produce vibrations you can feel. It’s an immersive musical experience that will impress any audience.

Portable & Easy to Play

The Majestic Melodies Chime Instrument is designed for portability and playing ease. The compact size and folding stand make transportation effortless. Set it up in seconds without tools required.

With 36 color-coded chime bars, reading music and playing songs is simplified. The included mallets have soft rubber tips that safely and easily produce clear tones from each bar. Just follow the included songbook to start playing delightful melodies right away.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy creating musical magic with this user-friendly percussion instrument. It’s a great tool for music lessons or group playing thanks to its versatility and quality tuned bars.

Enrich Your Musical Journey

Learning a new instrument awakens creativity, boosts confidence, relieves stress, and more. The Majestic Melodies Chime Instrument allows you to enjoy these benefits while immersing yourself in beautiful music.

Whether you want to practice solo, start a wind chime ensemble, or incorporate chimes into your music sessions, this versatile instrument opens new possibilities. The excellent sound quality, durable construction, and portability make it a valuable addition to any musical journey.

Experience the joy of making music wherever you are. Let the Majestic Melodies Chime Instrument infuse your life with harmony, creativity, and musical inspiration.

Product Details:

– 36 aluminum chime bars produce 5 octaves of crisp, melodious tones

– Bars organized in a single row and color coded to the musical scale

– Crafted from premium materials – durable aluminum pipes and strong connecting cord

– Includes adjustable height metal stand for playing while sitting or standing

– Compact size & folding stand allow for easy portability

– Batons have soft rubber tips to produce clear tones without scratching bars

– Songbook included to start playing beautiful melodies right away

– Enriches musical creativity, confidence, and enjoyment

Infuse your days with uplifting harmonies. Get the Majestic Melodies 36-Bar Wind Chime Instrument today!


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