Light Up the Party with Telbum’s 5-in-1 DJ Lights Set


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Transform any event into a rockin’ rave with the Telbum 5-in-1 DJ Lights Set. This versatile lighting system includes a rotating disco ball, par lights, strobe light, UV blacklight, and red/green pattern lights to captivate your guests and energize the dancefloor.

Dynamic, Multi-Colored Lighting Effects

The dome-shaped disco ball projects a kaleidoscope of dazzling beams in singular or multi-hued colors. As the ball rotates, it scatters shimmering lights across the entire room from floor to ceiling. Add a smoke machine to make the crisscrossing laser beams really pop!

Complementing the disco ball, the par lights feature 7 color modes – jump, fade, strobe, and static red, green, blue, purple, amber, cyan and white. Bathe your venue in vibrant washes of color for a club-like atmosphere.

Sound-Activated for Automatic Jamming

Built-in sound activation allows the Telbum DJ Lights to sync the colors and speed with the music’s beat and tempo. The lights dance along with your playlist to create a synergistic audio-visual experience that will have your guests pumped up.

Strobe Light Brings the Party

The strobe light has 4 speed settings to add a psychedelic, nightclub vibe. Crank up the flashing white light to energize the crowd.

UV Blacklight for Trippy Effects

The included UV blacklight floods the room with an eerie glow. Fluorescent decorations and teeth really pop under the purple-hued lights. To unlock the blacklight’s full potential, hand out glow sticks and fluorescent face/body paint so your guests can decorate themselves for a wild, otherworldly look.

Red & Green Pattern Lights

Two pattern lights project red and green designs to decorate the surrounding surfaces. Mixing with the particle beams of the disco ball and par lights, the patterns add another layer of visual complexity to astonish partygoers.

Portable & Easy to Set Up

The Telbum DJ Lights pack lots of effects into one convenient, portable unit. It comes with a lightweight aluminum tripod stand that sets up and breaks down quickly. Adjustable knobs on the stand allow you to tilt the lights and direct the beams where desired. Powered by AC outlet or battery pack (sold separately), this system can enliven parties whether indoors or outdoors.

Perfect for All Occasions

This lighting kit is ideal for DJs, bands, weddings, parties, concerts, dances, clubs, and any social gathering. The dazzling effects bring energy and ambiance to liven up the event. Position the unit near the dance floor or stage to illuminate performers and encourage guests to get up and move.

For bedroom DJs, it’s a fun way to feel like you’re spinning in a nightclub. The sound-activation feature syncs the show to your own personal rave playlist.

Safety Certified

Built with durable plastics and high quality LED lights, the Telbum DJ Lights meet safety standards to give you peace of mind. The lights remain cool-to-touch even after hours of continuous use.

Technical Specifications

– 120V AC/DC 12V power
– Lighting effects: disco ball, par lights, strobe, UV blacklight, red & green pattern lights
– Par light modes: jump, fade, strobe, red, green, blue, purple, amber, cyan, white
– Strobe light: 4 flash speed modes
– Full metal tripod stand extends from 35″-78″
– Base dimension: 9.8″diameter
– Light bracket dimension: 25.2″ x 4.7″

Transform Your Space with Dazzling DJ Lights

The Telbum 5-in-1 DJ Lights Set brings professional-quality lighting effects to any event. With dynamic disco balls, pulsing par lights, trippy UV blacklights and more, this system is the ultimate party starter. The sound activation creates an automatic light show that syncs to the music’s beat. Portable and easy to set up, these lights energize any gathering with eye-catching visuals. Click “Add to Cart” to illuminate your next party!


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