Leo Jaymz 39″ Full Size Electric Guitar Kit – Perfect for Beginners Looking to Rock Out




Are you ready to rock? The Leo Jaymz 39″ full size electric guitar kit is the perfect way for beginners to start shredding. This complete starter set comes with everything you need to start playing electric guitar right out of the box.

The sleek, black Leo Jaymz electric guitar features a beautiful double cutaway design that provides easy access to all 22 frets. The 25.5” scale maple neck has a comfortable C-shape profile that feels great in your hands. The rosewood fingerboard has a 14” radius and 42mm nut width, ideal for fast lead playing.

Plug this axe into the included 20W amplifier and let the rocking begin! The amp features built-in distortion so you can dial in that crunchy overdriven tone. And with the headphone jack, you can rock out without disturbing the neighbors. The included digital clip-on tuner makes it easy to keep your guitar in tune.

With the included gig bag, strap, spare strings, and connecting cable, the Leo Jaymz starter kit truly provides everything a beginning guitarist needs. The carrying bag lets you transport your gear safely and easily. The strap keeps the guitar securely in place while you play. And spare strings are crucial for when your original strings eventually wear out.

Whether you want to play heavy metal, blues, classic rock, or alternative, this electric guitar kit can handle it all. The versatile sound appeals to guitarists of all styles and genres. Play along with your favorite songs or write your own future chart-topping hits!

Start Your Musical Journey Today!

The Leo Jaymz electric guitar starter set is perfect for:

– Complete beginners – no experience needed to start playing!
– Teen and adult learners looking for an affordable beginner electric guitar
– Guitarists who want great practice tools like the amp, tuner, and headphones
– Players who eventually want to join a band and gig live

With quality components and real vintage appeal, this guitar kit will ignite your passion for playing music. The smooth neck and comfortable body style allow for endless hours of comfortable practice. Hit those crunchy riffs, epic solos, and singing leads!

Stop dreaming about learning guitar and actually start playing! Order the Leo Jaymz 39” full size electric guitar kit today and plug into your own rock and roll fantasy. With this complete starter set, you’ll be shredding in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Order now and unleash your inner rock star!


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