LEKATO Guitar Looper Pedal – Unleash Your Creativity with 2-in-1 Looping and Drum Beats


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Looping and drum machines open up infinite possibilities for guitarists and bassists. But most loop stations only record your live playing, lacking built-in rhythms. Likewise, basic drum machines don’t allow for looping layers over the beats. With the LEKATO Guitar Looper Pedal, you get the best of both worlds in one powerful pedal.

This integrated 2-in-1 design allows you to combine looped guitar riffs and solos with drum backing. Build layered masterpieces by recording loops over 100 ready-made drum grooves. And with 40 preset slots and 160 minutes of recording time, your only limit is your creativity.

Jam with Realistic Drum Beats

The LEKATO looping pedal contains a full-featured drum machine with 10 styles and 100 grooves. Easily control the tempo, volume, and rhythm type to match the vibe you want. From rock, pop, blues, funk, and jazz to Latin, electronic, and metal drum patterns, you’ll always have professional-sounding beats to jam over.

40 Loop Phrase Slots with 4 Minutes Each

Many loop stations max out at just a few minutes total recording time. But the LEKATO gives you 40 slots with 160 total minutes – 4 minutes per slot. Capture long multi-part loop creations with layered guitars, bass, vocals, and percussion. The recordings are saved even when powered off so you can keep expanding your loop library show after show.

Simultaneous Looper and Drum Controls

The LEKATO makes it simple to utilize both looper and drum machine functions in tandem. Separate controls on the pedal allow you to switch between looper and drums freely. Play your looped rhythms over drum beats, or record loops with drums. Clear LCD displays give you perfect visibility on timing and operation status.

External Footswitch for More Control

While the pedal itself is fully featured, you can also connect external footswitches (not included) for additional real-time looper control. Use footswitches for unlimited overdubbing layers, smart fill beats, and seamless fade-out effects. Extend your creative capabilities by integrating the LEKATO with your existing pedalboard setup.

Back up Loops by USB and Manage with Software

The LEKATO looping pedal offers USB connectivity for backing up your recorded loops to PC/Mac. No more worrying about losing your best licks! You can also use the LEKATO software editor for convenient computer control of all looper and drum functions.

Studio-Quality Sound

Many loop stations and drum machines have a cheap, toy-like sound. But the LEKATO uses high-quality 24-bit sampling at 44.1khz to capture every subtle nuance of your playing. The result is crisp, CD-quality loop playback that enhances your sound instead of muddying it.

Designed for Gigging Musicians

The stage-ready LEKATO looping pedal is built rugged for gigging guitarists and bassists. The metal chassis withstands stomping and rough transport. Operation is intuitive so you can capture loops and launch drums on the fly. Unleash your creativity show after show with the LEKATO 2-in-1 guitar looper.

Take Your Playing to the Next Level

The LEKATO Guitar Looper Pedal opens up a world of possibilities no single pedal can provide. Stop being limited by basic loopers or drum machines. With pro-level looping, drums, and connectivity, you have an inspiring creative partner on stage, in the studio, and when practicing at home. The only limit is your imagination!

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