Korg i3 Music Workstation – Feature-Packed Portable Keyboard for Composition, Production, and Performance


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The Korg i3 Music Workstation keyboard packs professional-level sound design, sequencing, and music production capabilities into a slim, lightweight instrument you can take anywhere. With over 850 top-quality onboard sounds, powerful effects, and comprehensive real-time control features, the i3 enables you to create complete tracks from start to finish. It’s the ideal creative partner for music producers, songwriters, gigging musicians, or anyone who needs a self-contained music production studio in a portable package.

At the heart of the i3 are over 790 high-definition instrument sounds derived from Korg’s flagship workstations and stage pianos. From lush acoustic and electric pianos to hard-hitting drums, rich analog synths, blazing guitars, and more, everything sounds full and polished thanks to Korg’s meticulous sample preparation and editing. The sounds are organized into intuitive categories that make it easy to quickly browse for just the right tone. You also get 59 professional drum kits covering a wide range of genres, with sounds derived from famous drum machines and acoustic drum sources.

The i3 makes layering and splitting sounds effortless. You can combine up to four voices together to create rich, complex textures. Split the 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard to play different sounds in the left and right hand. Adjustable keyboard touch curves let you tailor the feel to your playing style. A joystick control provides realtime pitch bend, modulation, and Brilliance effects as you perform.

At the heart of the i3 lies a powerful 16-track MIDI sequencer. Record your own performances or sequence sounds step-by-step to construct full arrangements. Quantize timings, edit velocities, and shape synth parameters for perfect results every time. You can even record audio tracks through the line/mic inputs and add vocals, guitars, or external synths to your sequences.

Additional Key Features:

  • 170 studio-grade effects like EQ, compression, delay, reverb
  • Onboard sampler for slicing and dicing audio files
  • Song Player function for rearranging and remixing MIDI sequences
  • 1/4″ headphone and main outputs plus stereo audio inputs
  • Intuitive interface with backlit buttons and large color LCD

Whether you’re composing at home, performing live with a band, or producing tracks on the move, the Korg i3 Music Workstation gives you everything you need in one compact, road-ready keyboard. The great-sounding palette of acoustic and electronic sounds combines with deep sequencing, mixing, and effects capabilities so you can take your music from initial idea to finished, polished recordings wherever you are.


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