Knox Gear Stretchy Spandex 88-Key Keyboard Dust Cover – Premium Protection for Your Piano


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Do you cherish your piano and want to keep it protected? This stretchy spandex keyboard dust cover from Knox Gear is the perfect accessory to keep your 88-key digital piano safe from dust, scratches, and minor bumps during storage and transport.

Made from soft yet durable spandex fabric, this cover stretches to gently hug your keyboard’s unique shape without applying too much pressure. The silky smooth interior lining won’t scratch your instrument, while the stretchy exterior keeps dust and debris out.

Whether you have a Casio, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Nord, Kawai, Alesis, Akai or Kurzweil keyboard, this universal stretchable cover is designed to fit 88-key electric pianos and keyboards from all major brands.

Why You Need a Keyboard Cover

A digital piano is a big investment. Like an acoustic piano, a quality digital keyboard can cost over $1000. Protecting this expensive instrument from damage ensures it will last for years of music making.

Dust is the natural enemy of keyboards and can cause sticky or stuck keys. Pet hair, dirt and crumbs can also work their way under the keys and into sensitive electronic components. Small scratches and scuffs from daily use or travel are unavoidable over time.

That’s why piano players need a keyboard cover – to keep dust and debris away and prevent scratches to the finish. Consider it cheap insurance to protect your keyboard and maintain its appearance.

The Benefits of the Knox Gear Keyboard Cover

Custom Fit for 88 Key Keyboards

This stretchy cover is specifically sized to fit standard 88 key digital pianos and keyboards. The flexible fabric hugs the body of your instrument without sagging or letting in dust.

Soft Spandex Material

The smooth spandex construction gently grips your keyboard to keep the cover in place while remaining soft enough to avoid any risk of scratching.

Lockable Drawstring Closure

A secure drawstring closure allows you to adjust the opening for a perfect fit. Tie the attached strings to lock in protection while storing or traveling.

Water Resistant & Washable

The spandex cover repels minor spills, splashes or condensation so you don’t have to worry about tiny amounts of moisture damaging your expensive keyboard. When it’s time to clean the cover, simply hand wash and air dry.

Portable Protection On The Go

The flexible cover easily slides on and off for quick protection during transport and storage between practice sessions or performances. Carry it in your keyboard bag or case for added peace of mind.

Use Your Keyboard Cover Daily for Protection Against:

  • Dust buildup leading to sticky keys
  • Food crumbs and dirt under the keys
  • Pet hair getting trapped in the keyboard
  • Minor bumps, scratches and scuffs
  • Condensation and minor spills

Cover your keyboard after each use to keep the keys clean and debris-free. The soft spandex won’t put excess pressure on the keys themselves during storage.

Travel Worry-Free By Adding a Keyboard Cover

Heading to band practice or a gig? Toss the cover in your keyboard bag or case for extra protection on the go. The soft fabric absorbs minor bumps and impacts while keeping dust away from sensitive electronic components.

Minimize the chance of scratches, scuffs or keys accidentally being pressed down during transport. The stretchy spandex keeps everything locked safely in place.

Upon arriving, simply remove the cover and start playing without missing a beat. Leaving town? Use the drawstring closure to seal the keyboard airtight until your next performance.

The snug fit also prevents shifting around during loading and unloading that could lead to accidental drops or damage.

Purchase the Knox Gear Keyboard Cover for Daily Piano Protection

Don’t risk expensive keyboard repairs or lost playing time down the road. This stretchy spandex cover protects your investment from the daily threat of dust, dirt, pet hair and minor bumps.

At less than $20, it’s an affordable way to extend the life of your digital piano and keep the keys and finish looking new. For maximum dust protection, pick up a keyboard cover for each of your beloved instruments.

Your piano provides years of joy through learning and music making. Show it some TLC with the Knox Gear stretchable keyboard cover. Order today to keep your keyboard protected in storage, transport, and during everyday use!


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