Keep Microphones Hygienic and Protected with 200 Disposable Mic Covers


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Whether you run a professional recording studio or simply enjoy karaoke nights with friends, keeping microphones clean should be a top priority. Introducing this value pack of 200 disposable microphone covers to promote vocal health and hygiene.

The microphone windscreens fit most standard handheld mics to block saliva and debris. Change out the lightweight, breathable covers between each use for an odor-free singing experience.

Key Features:

200 Covers for Frequent Replacement

The bulk 200 count mic covers allow you to swap out windscreens regularly to avoid transmitting germs or compromising audio quality.

Stretchy Elastic Band

An elastic opening stretches to fit most universal handheld microphone heads for quick on and off between users.

Made of Non-Woven Fabric

Crafted using a soft non-woven material that blocks saliva and debris from damaging the microphone.

Lightweight, Portable & Disposable

The microphone windscreens weigh next to nothing and can be disposed of after use for ultimate convenience.

Odorless & Hypoallergenic

The non-woven fabric blocks odors and bacteria to create a clean singing experience for all users.

Key Benefits:

Promotes Vocal Health

Disposable covers prevent transmitting illnesses between singers by blocking saliva and germs.

Prevents Mic Damage

Keep expensive mics free of moisture and debris that can compromise audio quality over time.

Odorless Singing

The breathable fabric stops microphone odors so singers aren’t subjected to unwanted scents.

Universal Fit

Stretchy opening and U-shape design fits most standard universal handheld microphone heads.

Convenient & Affordable

Lightweight disposable covers offer affordable, hygienic mic protection without hassle.


  • Karaoke Bars
  • KTV Venues
  • Recording Studios
  • Podcast Booths
  • Speech Venues
  • Performance Stages
  • Interview Rooms
  • Conference Spaces
  • Houses of Worship
  • Language Labs

Keep Your Mics Squeaky Clean!

Extend microphone lifespan, promote vocal health and get superior sound quality with disposable mic covers!

These microphone windscreens offer affordable daily protection against germs, debris and moisture for all your speaking, singing, and recording needs. The non-woven fabric stops odors and fits most universal handheld mics with a handy stretchy opening.

Stock up on this bulk value pack of 200 disposable microphone covers for constant hygienic protection during karaoke nights, vocal lessons, podcast recordings, business conferences and any occasion when microphones are shared.

The breathable lightweight fabric slips on and off in seconds between users, making it easy to implement safe mic hygiene practices. Dispose of used windscreens after each take or song to prevent bacteria and saliva transfer.

Give your expensive mics long lasting protection while creating a clean, wholesome singing environment for everyone. Order your 200 pack disposable microphone covers today!


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