JXRYWF 22 inch Flexible LED Gooseneck Lamp for DJ Equipment Mixing Console


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Illuminate Your Mixing Station with This Sturdy and Flexible 22 inch Gooseneck Lamp for DJs and Audio Engineers

As a DJ, lighting is crucial to your performance and workflow. Whether you’re mixing tracks at a club or recording vocals in a studio, having the right illumination at your station can make all the difference. Introducing the JXRYWF 22 inch flexible gooseneck lamp – the perfect desktop lighting solution for DJ setups, mixing consoles, and more.

Crafted with a sturdy and maneuverable 22 inch long gooseneck, this LED lamp can be adjusted to any position to cast light exactly where you need it. The flexible neck composed of interlocking plastic and metal segments maintains its pose and stays right where you leave it. Easily manipulate the neck of the lamp to illuminate DJ controllers, turntables, mixing boards, sheet music, mic stands, and any other part of your mixing station. With the ability to wrap, bend, and twist this fully adjustable gooseneck lamp, you can fine-tune the direction of the light beam for optimal visibility.

Equipped with an XLR 3 pin connector, this DJ gooseneck lamp is compatible with a wide variety of professional audio equipment. Attach it securely to mixing consoles and controllers from leading brands like Yamaha, Midas, Behringer, and Allen & Heath that have +12V DC power sockets. The XLR port locks the lamp safely into place and delivers a reliable connection.

Featuring a luminous white LED bulb encased in a durable plastic housing, this desk lamp provides clean and vibrant illumination perfect for mixing audio. The integrated LED arrays consume minimal power while producing bright, focused light for intricate tasks. Position this long neck lamp directly over jog wheels, faders, knobs, laptops, and other elements of your rig to illuminate them with precision.

Stop straining your eyes in dim lighting and enjoy better visibility for smooth DJ performances and studio sessions with this versatile 22 inch gooseneck. Whether you need targeted illumination over DJ gear or wide-beam coverage across a mixing console, this flexible XLR 3 pin lamp has you covered. Plus, the LED light source generates almost no heat and stays cool to the touch even after hours of use.

With its handy right-angle head design, this mixing console lamp sits neatly on a desktop without protruding too far. The horizontal head alignment also lets you point the light forward or downward depending on the application. Mount this LED gooseneck lamp onto a controller, rackmount unit, tabletop, or other surface to become an instant stationary work light.

Compatible with:

– DJ Controllers & Mixers
– Mixing consoles
– Audio interfaces
– Powered monitor speakers
– Rackmount equipment
– Desktop workstations

Ideal for:

– Mobile DJ setups
– Nightclub DJ booths
– Recording studios
– Control rooms
– Audio engineering stations
– Podcast studios
– Mastering suites
– Radio broadcast studios


– 22 inch long flexible plastic & metal gooseneck
– Fully adjustable poseable neck
– XLR 3 pin connector for secure attachment
– Compatible with +12V DC power sockets
– Right angle head for horizontal beam angle
– 4 bright white LED lamps
– Focused directional illumination
– Cool operating temperature
– Durable plastic lamp head casing
– Lightweight and easy to position
– Plug and play operation
– Perfect for DJ gear, mixers, consoles

Set up this XLR gooseneck LED lamp in seconds to illuminate your DJ or audio mixing workspace. With flexible gooseneck adjustability and bright LED light, this accessory makes an excellent addition to any professional DJ rig or recording/broadcast setup.

### Wiring and Compatibility

This gooseneck lamp is designed to be compatible with most DJ, pro audio, and musical equipment that supplies +12V DC power via XLR ports. However, not all mixing consoles and controllers have suitable XLR outlets to power this lamp. Here are some tips for getting this flexible LED lamp hooked up properly:

– Look for a port labeled “LAMP” or “LIGHT” – this indicates a +12V DC power source for lights.

– Avoid plugging into MIC, LINE, or SPEAKER XLR ports as these supply phantom power which can damage LED lamps.

– Use a cable tester or multimeter to check for +12V DC on the port if you are unsure what it is supplying.

– Consult your equipment’s user manual or manufacturer for specifications on each XLR jack’s power output.

– If the lamp does not illuminate after plugging it in, you may need to rewire the pins – see troubleshooting guide below.

– Purchase a DC power converter with an XLR output if your equipment lacks suitable +12V DC ports.

– Extension cords with XLR ends can be used if the console’s lamp port is in an inconvenient location.

### Troubleshooting Guide

In some cases, this flexible gooseneck studio lamp may not light up properly when first connected. This is likely due to a wiring mismatch between the lamp’s XLR plug and the equipment’s port. Fortunately, this can be easily corrected.

Here are some troubleshooting tips if your DJ lamp is not illuminating:

– Try plugging the lamp into another compatible XLR port on your equipment.

– Use a cable tester or multimeter to check if the suspected port provides +12V DC power.

– Visually inspect the port for bent pins or debris which could prevent proper contact.

– Obtain an XLR pinout diagram of your equipment’s lamp port and compare it to the lamp.

– If pinouts do not match, rewire the lamp’s plug using the diagram as a reference.

– Soldering or professionally rewiring the XLR connector may be required for permanent solution.

– Contact the lamp or equipment manufacturer for tech support if issue persists.

With some basic troubleshooting, you can get this flexible 22 inch gooseneck DJ lamp powered on and ready to illuminate your performances. Be sure to use the correct XLR port and wiring for plug-and-play operation.

### In Summary

This adjustable JXRYWF 22 inch LED gooseneck lamp is the perfect desktop lighting accessory for DJs, musicians, and audio engineers. Its flexible neck allows you to easily position the light wherever needed. The bright white LED array and XLR3 plug make it the ideal plug-and-play illumination for mixing consoles, controllers, turntables, and more. For targeted visibility over your equipment in professional live or studio settings, this durable and easy-to-manipulate lamp is a must-have.


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