Jiayouy Multi Color Mushroom Style Guitar Effect Pedal Footswitch Toppers – 16 Pack Pedal Cap Enhancers for Precision Stomping




Upgrade your guitar pedalboard with these colorful mushroom style footswitch toppers that enlarge the stomping surface for more comfortable and accurate effect engagement.

Comfortable, Accurate Effect Switching

Small effect pedal footswitches can be uncomfortable to engage and lead to inaccurate switching. These soft, enlarged pedal caps increase the surface area of the switch for easier stomping. The wider surface helps you hit the switch dead center every time for precise effect transitions. Play comfortably for longer without foot fatigue.

8 Vibrant Colors for Pedalboard Personality

Available in 8 fun colors including black, white, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and pink, you can customize the look of your pedalboard. Use different colors to easily identify pedals at a glance or go for a coordinated color scheme to make your pedals pop. The durable plastic caps liven up plain pedals for a more stylish, personalized pedalboard.

Universal Fit for All Standard Pedals

These footswitch caps fit nearly all standard guitar pedals with a 3/8” (10mm) footswitch. The caps measure 25mm in diameter and 10mm interior diameter for a universal fit. Easily snap them onto Boss, MXR, Electro-Harmonix, TC Electronic, and most other major guitar pedal brands. Make any pedal easier and more comfortable to use.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing these footswitch enhancers takes just seconds – no tools required. Simply press down firmly on the cap to pop it into place on top of your existing pedal footswitch. The tight fit keeps the caps securely in place so they won’t slip off while playing. Remove just as easily by gently pulling the cap off the switch.

Protect Pedals from Damage

The soft plastic caps protect the actual pedal switch from abrasion damage caused by repeated stomping. Prevent the switches from wearing down over time to maintain sensitivity and keep the pedals working like new. The protective caps also guard the switches from dirt and grime buildup.

Full Set for Entire Pedalboard

Get enough footswitch caps to cover every pedal on your board with the set of 16 assorted color caps. Deck out a larger pedalboard with vivid caps on every stomp switch. The variety pack has two of each color to match or mix and match.

Improve Your Pedalboard Now

Transform the look and feel of your effects pedalboard with this set of 16 universal pedal footswitch toppers. Just press fit the caps onto your existing footswitches to enjoy:

– Enlarged stomping surface for comfort and accuracy
– 8 fun colors to customize pedals and pedalboards
– Universal 10mm fit for most major guitar pedal brands
– Quick and easy no tools installation
– Pedal switch protection from damage

Pick up a set of these inexpensive pedal mods to improve your playing experience and personalize your pedalboard’s style.


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