Jiayouy 25MM Drum Tension Rods 20-Pack – Easy Tightening and Mounting for Crisp, In-Tune Bass Drums


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Keep your bass drum sounding crisp and in tune with this 20-pack of 25MM non-loosening tension rods and washers from Jiayouy. Perfect for mounting drum heads or making adjustments and repairs, these high-quality rods stay tightened and eliminate rattling and buzzing while you play.

Non-Loosening Tension Keeps Drums Perfectly Tuned

A loose drumhead kills your sound. These rods are specially designed to stay tightened even during vigorous playing. The tension rods feature a threaded design that grips tightly when twisted into the drum lugs. Once set, they won’t loosen or rattle. Your bass drum stays resonant and perfectly tuned through an entire gig without adjustment.

Quick and Easy Drum Tuning and Repairs

Tuning and readjusting drumheads is a breeze with these Jiayouy tension rods. They smoothly thread into standard drum lugs with just a few easy twists. Simply use a drum key to tighten or loosen each rod until you achieve the desired tone from your drumhead. The rods install and remove just as easily for quick head changes and drum repairs.

Durable Hard Iron Construction

While the tension rods keep your drum secure and tuned, the solid iron construction ensures they hold up through years of regular playing. The hard iron is lightweight yet extremely strong to handle being tightened and loosened without bending. An electroplated finish also gives them a protective coating that’s resistant to rust and wear.

Universal 25MM Size Fits Most Drums

With a universal 25MM diameter, these Jiayouy tension rods are compatible with the vast majority of bass drums, toms and snares. They fit into standard drum lug casings from brands like Pearl, Tama, Ludwig and more. The included washers also protect drumheads from damage during installation.

Package of 20 Replaces a Full Drum Set Worth of Tension Rods

Why buy individual tension rods when you can replace your whole set in one purchase? This Jiayouy package includes 20 rods total. That’s enough to outfit a standard 5-piece drum set with fresh tuning hardware. Now you can swap out old, bent or rusty tension rods for a complete set of new ones.

Expertly Crafted for Optimal Drum Sound

Jiayouy has specially designed these drum tension rods to eliminate resonance-killing rattles and buzzes. The expert engineering provides long-lasting stability so your drums maintain a lively, booming quality. Tighten each rod just the way your prefer for optimal attack, sustain and tone on your snare, toms and bass drum.

Why Buy Jiayouy Drum Tension Rods?

  • Non-loosening tension for drums that stay perfectly tuned
  • Hard iron construction resists rust and bending
  • 25MM size fits most drum lugs
  • Washers protect drumheads
  • Set of 20 replaces whole drum hardware set
  • Specialized engineering optimizes drum sound

Jiayouy 25MM Tension Rods

Stay in the pocket with perfectly tuned drums. Get resonant, buzz-free bass drums and crisp snare tones for cleaner live and recorded performances. These Jiayouy rods help optimize the sound of your drums.

Non-Loosening Reliability for Drums that Stay Tuned

Ever had a drumhead go dead in the middle of a big show? With Jiayouy tension rods, you can be confident your drum tones stay lively from first beat to final hit. The specially engineered rods grip tight when twisted down. Even during extended sets, your drumheads stay firmly tensioned.

Many cheaper rods loosen over time from vibration and playing. That leads to undesirable rattles, buzzes and dead spots. Jiayouy’s high-quality hard iron rods resist loosening so drums maintain their tuning. Just use a drum key before shows to set the tension rods to your preferred tightness.

Smooth, Easy Adjustments Keep Heads Tuned Just Right

It’s vital your drumheads stay tuned just right. Jiayouy tension rods make adjustments fast and frustration-free. The smooth threading lets you easily tighten and loosen rods to tweak resonance and tone.

Loosen all tension rods evenly across the head to change drumheads. Then tighten one turn at a time, criss-cross across the head, until reaching your optimal tone. For readjustments between songs, a quick turn of one rod gets the tone back to perfection.

Universal Size for Nearly Any Drum

With a standard 25MM diameter, these Jiayouy tension rods fit into the vast majority of drum lugs. Brands like Pearl, Tama, Mapex, Gretsch and Ludwig all use 25MM rods.

That means you can rely on this set for your snare drum, mounted toms, floor toms and kick drum. They also work for drum racks, accessories and percussion instruments with standard lug fittings.

Complete Set Replaces Old, Damaged Hardware

Over years of playing, drum hardware eventually gets bent, rusted and damaged. Instead of trying to salvage a few old rods, replace your whole set of tension rods in one purchase.

This Jiayouy 20-pack contains enough rods for a complete five-piece drum kit – great for a full refresh. Go from loose, mismatched tension rods to a perfectly uniform set that keeps drums sounding their best.

Protects Your Investment in Expensive Drumheads

You put a lot of money into premium drumheads from Remo, Evans and other top brands. Keep them sounding great and lasting longer with Jiayouy’s high-quality rods. The washers prevent the tension rods from digging into the head’s film, while the sturdy iron construction prevents them from coming loose.

Lightweight Yet Extremely Durable

Cheap tension rods bend and warp, unable to withstand the tension needed for responsive drumheads. Jiayouy rods are crafted from lightweight yet extremely sturdy iron. They tightened down firmly on drums without bending while remaining hassle-free to adjust.

An electroplated surface also gives them enhanced resistance to rust and normal wear and tear. You’ll enjoy years of reliable performance without replacements.

Established Drum Hardware Experts

Jiayouy has 10+ years experience crafting drum accessories and hardware. They are trusted drummers’ choice for replacing worn parts like tension rods, pedals, mounts and more. Their tension rod design provides superior tuning functionality at an affordable price.

Experience the tuning stability, ease of adjustment and crisp drum tones from these expertly-engineered rods. Your drums will sound their absolute best every time you sit behind the kit.

Order Your Jiayouy Tension Rods Today

Keep your drums tuned and sounding their absolute best with this 20-pack of non-loosening 25MM tension rods from Jiayouy. They make drum tuning and repairs a breeze while eliminating annoying rattles and buzzes.


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