Jam Out Anywhere with the JOYO JAM Buddy Portable Guitar Practice Amp & Pedal Bundle


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Take your guitar playing to the next level with the JOYO JAM Buddy Portable Guitar Practice Amp & Pedal All-in-One Bundle. This jam-packed set gives you everything you need to play and practice guitar at home, in the studio, or on the go.

The star of the show is the JAM Buddy amp and pedal unit. Weighing just 2.2 pounds, this portable powerhouse delivers 15W of crisp, clean stereo sound through its 4-inch speaker. Just connect your guitar and start jamming! The built-in delay effect adds depth and dimension to your tone with up to 500ms of delay time.

When it’s time to go mobile, the JAM Buddy keeps the music going. Pair it with your smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth enabled device to stream your music library or guitar learning apps. The rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours of cordless playtime.

Take the JAM Buddy to band practice by plugging it into a PA system or larger amp to utilize the delay effect. The Aux In jack also lets you jam along to your favorite tracks.

In addition to the JAM Buddy unit, this bundle includes:

Guitar Tuner: Accurately tune your strings before every practice and performance. The easy-to-read LCD display indicates whether you need to tighten or loosen each string. Tune up quickly and efficiently without the frustrations of a subpar tuner.

Guitar Capo: Change keys and alter your tone with the included capo. Quickly clamp it across the guitar neck to transpose your playing. Crafted from steel, this capo provides reliable pressure to raise the pitch of all strings uniformly.

Guitar Picks: Strum, pluck, and pick with ease using the included six premium guitar picks. The textured surface and tapered shape make for ideal picking and consistent tone.

Take your skills to the next level with the help of the JOYO JAM Buddy. The built-in delay effect opens up new creative possibilities and enhances your technique. Delay adds depth and texture that makes even simple chord progressions sound lush and full. Dial in short slapback echoes for a rockabilly vibe or longer delays for atmospheric resonance.

The JAM Buddy is thoughtfully designed for guitarists of all playing levels and musical passions. Here are just some of the ways it can help you progress:

Beginners: Start off on the right track by practicing with amp tones and effects from day one. Many entry-level amps are too basic to allow you to experience delay and other FX. The JAM Buddy introduces these elements early so you can develop core skills with a more inspiring, nuanced tone.

Intermediate Players: As you start learning lead lines, riffs, and solos, the built-in delay helps your practice sound more like your favorite recordings right off the bat. Delay enhances technique by allowing you to hear notes ring out and interact.

Advanced Musicians: Seasoned musicians can explore new delay-based rhythmic and melodic possibilities. Dial in different delay times to create anything from ethereal soundscapes to complex rhythmic interplay between guitar lines.

Guitar Teachers: Shape your students’ tone with professional studio-like effects. The JAM Buddy is ideal for lessons, making it easy to demonstrate technique and musical examples with delay effects added.

Dorm Room Rockers: Jam out, annoy your roommate, and blow off steam without getting shut down by campus security. Just grab your guitar and the JAM Buddy and start soloing!

Stay-at-Home Songwriters: Craft and record your next indie folk masterpiece in the comfort of your own home. Add rich delay textures to flesh out your chord progressions and melodies.

Mobile Minstrels: Busque for dollars and tips with the very portable JAM Buddy. Its lightweight design and battery powered operation let you take the show on the road.

Wherever your musical journey takes you, the JOYO JAM Buddy Portable Guitar Practice Amp & Pedal All-in-One Bundle has you covered. The versatile amp/pedal combo lays a solid foundation and inspires practice with its authentic delay effect. Take your tone and techniques to the next level, whether woodshedding at home or jamming on the go.

Product Features:

– 15-watt portable guitar amp and Bluetooth speaker

– Built-in delay effect with up to 500ms delay time

– Rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of cordless playtime

– Aux input for jamming along with music

– Delay pedal can be used with larger amps

– 4-inch speaker for crisp, full sound

– Pairs with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players etc.

– Guitar tuner for quick and accurate string tuning

– Steel guitar capo to change pitch and tuning

– 6 free guitar picks included

– Weighs just 2.2 lbs for easy transport

– Volume, tone, and delay time controls

– Delay time and repeat LED indicators

– Headphone jack for private practice

– Input for connecting music players

– Charging and AUX input ports

What’s in the Box:

– JOYO JAM Buddy amp/pedal unit

– Guitar tuner

– Guitar capo

– 6 guitar picks

– USB charging cable

– User manual

– Any other included accessories

Technical Specs:

– Power Output: 15 Watts

– Speaker: 4-inch, 8 Ohm

– Delay Time: 50 – 500 ms

– Bluetooth Version: List version here

– Battery Life: Up to 5 hours

– Charging Time: List hours for full charge

– Power Supply: List power supply specs

– Product dimensions

– Product weight

Pair the portable JOYO JAM Buddy Guitar Practice Amp & Pedal with your favorite axe and enjoy inspiring tone anywhere your musical adventures take you. Order today and infuse your playing with expressive echoes!


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