Immerse Yourself in the Soothing Rhythms of an Authentic Chinese Wind Gong


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Transport your mind and spirit to a peaceful sanctuary with the pure and mesmerizing tones of this premium 20” Chinese wind gong. Handcrafted in China using traditional methods perfected over centuries, this gong’s gleaming bronze surface and expertly tuned shape fill your surroundings with harmonious, meditative vibrations. Whether sounding a wake-up call, centering your yoga practice, or creating an ambiance of tranquility in your home, this gong’s quality construction and authentic character bring you closer to inner wisdom and balance.

As you gaze upon this gong’s smooth, gently curving surface, you can see and feel the care and artistry that went into its creation. Skilled Chinese artisans use an intricate 17-step process to hand forge each gong from B20 bronze consisting of 80% copper and 20% tin. This optimal bronze composition produces a beautifully resonant tone. The gong’s dimensions are carefully calibrated to generate a bright, lingering shimmer when played with a mallet. Struck forcefully with a drumstick, the gong emits a clear, focused chime reminiscent of a temple bell.

This gong’s round, flat shape is designed to maximize surface area, allowing its voice to freely radiate outward as you unleash cascading ripples of cosmic energy. The central boss boasts a stylized Chinese symbol, a testament to the gong’s cultural heritage. Whether mounted on its included stand or suspended horizontally, this wind gong fills any space with its celestial voice.

Experience Deep Relaxation and Spiritual Awakening

This gong’s soothing, sweeping overtones have been used for centuries to enable deep meditation, conscious breathing, and heightened states of awareness. The gong’s steady, hypnotic pulse brings heart rates into alignment, releasing tension and opening pathways to insight and renewal. The shimmering bronze beauty of the gong itself acts as a centering visual focal point for mindfulness practices.

In Chinese medicine and philosophy, gongs represent the elemental power of metal and the season of autumn. The gong’s voice evokes a sense of cleansing release and clearing away obstacles to realize our true nature. A gong’s circular form reflects the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Craft Your Own Unique Sound Journey

This exceptional wind gong arrives with a padded mallet ideal for drawing out rich, nuanced tones by grazing the gong’s surface. The gong can also be played with a drumstick for a more striking, bell-like ring. Approach the gong with focused intention, allowing your natural breath and rhythms to guide your hand. Experiment with varying the force and location of your strikes to shape the gong’s sustaining roar into a mesmerizing musical narrative. Discover an incredibly diverse spectrum of tonal colors and temporary overtones begging to be explored.

Innovatively incorporate this gong into your personal wellness regimen. Kickstart your day by sounding an invigorating wake-up call. Use its grounding vibrations to preface your yoga or tai chi practice. Let it wash away stress and tension after a long day. Harmonize your breathing as you progressively relax each muscle group during savasana. The possibilities are endless with an instrument possessing such timeless versatility. This gong’s voice sings you to sleep, then sings you awake.

Style Your Home with Good Vibrations

A gorgeous focal point at home, this finely tuned gong infuses any room with an aura of sacred serenity. The satiny bronze finish and hand-etched symbols reflect candlelight and lamplight beautifully. Suspended horizontally above a meditation space or mounted vertically on the included stand, this gong brings an exotic, spiritual energy to your living area. Surround it with crystals, pebbles, and inspiring iconography to create an altar-like oasis. The gong’s presence and soothing voice subtly align the energy of the entire home.

Hang this gong near an entryway and strike it as you return home from work, instantly washing away the stresses of the outside world. Let its calm, steady pulse set the mood for peaceful evenings in or meaningful dinners shared with family and friends. Its grounds you and your loved ones in the present moment. Place it in a child’s bedroom and use it as a melodious signal for naptime or a tool for settling down at night.

Whether centering your practice, finding stillness within, or curating a harmonious home environment, this handcrafted 20″ Chinese wind gong delivers an authentic sonic experience passed down through generations. Immerse yourself in its healing vibrations.


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