ibasenice Chinese Handmade Musical Instruments (3-Piece Set)




Discover the Enchanting Sounds of Traditional Chinese Music with this Beautiful 3-Piece Handmade Musical Instrument Set.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of China with the ibasenice Chinese handmade musical instrument set. This mesmerizing 3-piece set allows you to recreate the hypnotic melodies of classic Chinese folk songs right at home.

The set includes a bawu, a bamboo clarinet, and a Chinese free reed flute, three of the most iconic Chinese wind instruments known for their distinctive and ornate sound. Handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques perfected over centuries, each instrument is a small work of art that fills the air with nostalgia.

Ancient Bawu Brings Back Imperial Nostalgia

The bawu, a woodwind instrument used since the Qin dynasty over 2000 years ago, ushers you back to ancient China with its pentatonic scale perfect for playing folk songs from ethnic minorities.

Shaped like a tube with a brass bell at one end, this end-blown flute produces a mellow, calming tone. The round mouthpiece is comfortable to hold between your lips as you blow gently into the vertical fipple at the top. Finger the holes along its bamboo body to create soulful melodies reminiscent of a bygone imperial era.

Tuning is easy with movable bamboo tuning rings on the playing tube. Turn the rings to subtly adjust the pitch and achieve perfect tuning. The smooth sanded surface ensures no splinters will prick your fingers as you play.

Mellow Clarinet Resonates with Nostalgia

With a more resonant tone than the bawu, the bamboo clarinet is shaped like a rifle barrel with a flared bell at the bottom. The curved mouthpiece and seven finger holes let you recreate folk tunes from across China’s vast countryside.

As you gently blow into the mouthpiece, the two-pronged bamboo reed vibrates to produce richer harmonics compared to the bawu’s simpler fipple. Fingering the holes transitions between notes for playing lyrical tunes that echo through the valleys.

The unstained bamboo body displays the golden honey hue of natural bamboo. Smooth and sanded, it fits comfortably in your hands during long practice sessions.

Chinese Flute Sings with a Pure Clear Voice

Hear the pastoral beauty of the bamboo forests with the Chinese free reed flute. Inspired by the luscious bamboo stalks, this flute has a vibrant, hollow voice.

Blowing across the vertical mouthpiece initiates the reed inside to vibrate and begin singing its tune. The straight cylindrical body is easy to hold and finger. Covering the six holes transitions between notes as you recreate uplifting folk songs.

Appreciate the refined craftsmanship with engraved rings accentuating the natural bamboo aesthetics. The unvarnished surface highlights the golden bamboo grain.

Handcrafted Musical Instruments Built to Last

Constructed fully from high-quality bamboo and natural materials, each instrument is handmade by skilled artisans through time-honored techniques.

The premium bamboo is specially selected for resonance, sanded for a smooth tactile feel, and treated to prevent cracking. This ensures the instruments stay protected through years of regular playing.

Accent pieces like reeds, mouthpieces and bell ends are made from durable wood, bone and brass built to withstand moisture and use. Refined finishing like tuning rings and engraved patterns add ornate touches.

Learn the Melodies of Chinese History

Learning these classic Chinese instruments connects you to the mesmerizing melodies and rich traditions of Chinese music and culture.

The versatile 3-piece set lets you recreate ethnic minority tunes, countryside folk songs, court music from imperial palaces, and more. Play soothing solos or haunting duets with companions.

Suitable for musicians of all levels, these intuitive instruments are easy to pick up. Their pentatonic scale makes it simple to produce pleasant sounds right away. Make leisurely practice a meditative part of your day.

As an added bonus, all instruments come with fingering charts and access to online video tutorials to help you quickly pick up songs.

Share the Gift of Timeless Music

Give the gift of music and heritage with this handmade 3-piece Chinese instrument set. Record albums to share with family across distances. Foster a love of music in the kids. Or use it to destress after work.

Beautifully designed, the instruments add flair whether displayed on the mantel or played mellifluously during gatherings. Surprise your world music loving friend or treat your budding musician.

With ibasenice’s Chinese musical instruments, now you can immerse in the tranquility of Chinese melodies anytime. Leap back through centuries and reconnect with history through the universal language of music.


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