ibasenice 8 Pack Guitar Amp Control Knobs for Effect Pedals




Upgrade your guitar pedals and amps with this set of 8 high-quality control knobs from ibasenice. These knobs are designed to fit 6mm concentric and split shaft pots, providing a sturdy and smooth feel when adjusting your tone.

Whether you’re replacing old, worn out knobs or customizing a new pedalboard, this control knob set has you covered. The classic textured black finish looks great on any effect pedal or amplifier.

Durable and Universal Design

Each knob in this 8 pack is crafted from durable aluminum alloy that provides a lightweight yet robust build. The knurls and grip pattern allow for easy twisting and dialing in of parameters without slipping.

The 6mm shaft hole is a universal size that fits most major guitar pedal and amp brands. They attach securely to split and concentric pot shafts.

The sleek low profile shape won’t obstruct nearby knobs or controls. The included set screw keeps the knob firmly planted for secure and wobble-free operation.

Customize Your Tone

Having a set of great control knobs is crucial for fine tuning your pedals and amps. The right knobs provide the grip, tension, and style needed to shape your sound.

Whether you need standard volume and gain knobs or specialized EQ and effects knobs, this set enhances your adjustments. The recognizable guitar amp style gives a professional looking finish.

Dial in the perfect amount of overdrive grit, delay/reverb depth, or get your EQ balanced just right. Having knobs that respond smoothly and precisely to your playing dynamics is key.

Upgrade and Repair Pedalboards

Over time, knobs can become loose, get dusty/dirty, or break off completely. Replacing old knobs restores the look and functionality of your pedals.

Simply use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the old knob and transfer the set screw to the new knob’s shaft. Press it firmly into place on the potentiometer and tighten the set screw.

Refresh your pedalboard and foot controllers with these durable all-metal knobs. The classic styling and responsiveness brings new life to your existing rig.

DIY Stompbox Customization

For musicians building their own effects pedals and amps, these control knobs add a professional finishing touch.

The 6mm shaft hole ensures compatibility with common potentiometers used in DIY kits and projects. The smooth rotation allows you to dial in your custom tones with precision.

The black finish and standard size/shape provides flexibility in designing the perfect pedal control layout. Get the customized stompbox functions you want without compromising on quality parts.


– Quantity: 8 knobs
– Material: Aluminum alloy
– Color: Black
– Shaft Diameter: 6mm
– Includes set screws
– Textured grip pattern
– Low profile shape
– Split and concentric shaft compatible

High Quality Parts for Musicians

ibasenice is a leading brand specialized in replacement parts and accessories for guitarists and pedalbuilders. Their components are made from premium materials to improve the functionality of your rig.

Based in Shenzhen, China, their dedicated R&D team works tirelessly to provide musicians with enhanced tools for better tone shaping ability. Get their latest innovations delivered to your door.

Refresh your pedalboard with this set of 8 durable control knobs crafted for tone fanatics and gear lovers. The elegantly functional design brings the versatile controls you need to craft iconic guitar sounds.


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