ibasenice 2pcs Guitar Hand Rest – Premium Wooden Armrests for Folk Guitarists


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Strum in comfort with the ibasenice Guitar Hand Rests! As a folk guitarist, your hands take a beating during long practice sessions and performances. Constant strumming can cause soreness and fatigue in your hands, wrists, and arms. That’s why having a quality hand rest is so important for aspiring and professional acoustic musicians alike.

The ibasenice hand rests allow you to play your folk guitar in a more ergonomic position, reducing strain on your hands and arms. The contoured wooden design allows your hands to rest comfortably in a natural position while still having full access to the strings. Simply slide the hand rest onto the guitar below the strings and position it for optimal comfort. You’ll be able to practice and perform for longer without pain or discomfort.

Premium Wooden Construction

These hand rests are constructed from high quality solid wood that is durable yet lightweight. The natural grain finish gives them an attractive, classic look that matches nicely with any folk or acoustic guitar. The wood is sanded smooth and treated to protect against scratches and scuffs during use.

Ergonomic Contoured Shape

An ergonomic contour allows your hands to rest in a relaxed, natural position that reduces strain on your wrists, hands, and forearms. The curved design matches the natural shape of your hands while playing, eliminating pressure points. This improves circulation and prevents your hands from falling asleep during long practice or gig sessions.

Anti-Slip Protection

Rubber pads on the bottom surface prevent sliding and keep the hand rests firmly in place. No more need to worry about them shifting around while you play. The anti-slip pads protect your guitar’s finish from getting scratched as well.

Fits Most Acoustic Guitars

These universal guitar hand rests are designed to fit most full-size folk or acoustic guitars, whether you have a slim neck or a wider dreadnought body. The width between the contours is adjustable to adapt to different guitar neck widths.

Portable and Space-Saving

Weighing only a few ounces, these hand rests are so lightweight you can easily transport them in your guitar case. When not in use, they don’t take up much space at all. Convenient and portable for musicians on the go!

Complete Package

Get a pair of hand rests so you can use one on both the neck and body side of your guitar. This allows complete support for both of your hands. Keep an extra set as a backup or share them with your other guitarist friends!

Give your hands a break and elevate your playing skills with the ibasenice Guitar Hand Rests. Order yours today and strum in comfort!


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