HXW PDL-HH191 Silent Footswitch Pedal for PD705 Percussion Pad – Quiet and Compact Hi-Hat/Bass Drum Trigger


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Bring the dynamic feel of acoustic drums to your electronic kit with the HXW PDL-HH191 footswitch pedal. Designed specifically for the Avatar PD705 Sampling Multipad and SD61-4 kit, this pedal provides triggering capabilities in a compact and quiet format.

All-in-One Triggering Solution

The PDL-HH191 combines a hi-hat control pedal and bass drum striker into one convenient pedal unit. It eliminates the need for two separate trigger pedals, saving valuable space. The pedal also features a side-mounted hi-hat control, allowing you to open and close the hi-hat using traditional foot technique.

Silent and Low-Profile

This pedal contains no physical beaters, allowing for near-silent operation. Without the noise of beaters striking a pad, the PDL-HH191 is ideal for practice, recording, and stage use. The low-profile body also provides a slim footprint, fitting into tight setups.

Realistic Playing Response

Despite its compact and streamlined design, the PDL-HH191 still provides an authentic playing experience. The weighted mechanisms offer realistic pedal tension and rebound characteristics. This gives the natural dynamic feel of an acoustic pedal, allowing for responsive control.

Quality Construction

Built with drummers in mind, the pedal is constructed from durable metals to withstand intensive playing sessions. The base contains non-slip rubber grips to prevent sliding during energetic performances. Precision bearings also ensure smooth and consistent action after extended use.

Easy Connectivity

Connecting the PDL-HH191 is simple with the included 1/4″ TRS cable. One end plugs into the pedal, while the other connects directly to the PD705 pad. No special adapters or interfaces required. The plug-and-play operation makes setup fast and hassle-free.

Compact Design

This pedal provides an impressive balance of functionality and portability. It takes up very little floor space, measuring just 11.8 x 5.9 x 2.8 inches (30 x 15 x 7 cm). The compact footprint allows it to fit into small e-drum kits and tight spaces. Despite the small size, it still delivers realistic drum triggering capabilities.

Key Features:

– All-in-one hi-hat control and bass drum striker pedal
– Designed for Avatar PD705 and SD61-4 kits
– Silent operation – no physical beaters
– Authentic feel with weighted mechanisms
– Quality construction for durability
– Non-slip base with rubber grips
– Smooth action from precision bearings
– Easy plug-and-play connectivity via 1/4″ TRS cable
– Extremely compact and portable design

Take your electronic percussion performance to the next level with this specialized trigger pedal. The HXW PDL-HH191 provides an impressive balance of silent operation, natural feel, and compact design.

If you’re playing an Avatar PD705 or SD61-4 kit, this pedal seamlessly integrates to add uncanny acoustic drum response. The smart combination of control pedal and striker in one unit conserves space without sacrificing playability.

Drummers of all levels appreciate the realistic weighting and rebound action. This inspires confidence to take on more intricate grooves and patterns. The silent triggering also makes it ideal for low-volume practice sessions at home.

For stage performances, the quiet operation prevents unwanted trigger noises being picked up by mics or monitors. And the compact design takes up very little stage footprint, allowing for flexible setup options.

The durable construction and precise mechanisms ensure this pedal withstands intensive playing over time. The non-slip base keeps the pedal firmly planted, even during aggressive techniques.

Hookup is easy with the included 1/4″ cable. Simply plug one end into the pedal, and connect the other to the PD705. Within seconds, you’ll be triggering clean samples.

If you’re looking to augment the performance and feel of your Avatar percussion pads, the HXW PDL-HH191 is purpose-built for the job. This specialized trigger pedal brings your electronic kit closer to the responsive dynamics of an acoustic set.


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