Hohner M2009BX Marine Band Crossover Harmonica for Blues and Folk


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Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of blues and folk music with the Hohner M2009BX Marine Band Crossover Harmonica. This 10-hole diatonic harmonica delivers iconic tone perfect for playing live music or jamming with friends.

Built for Optimal Musical Expression

Hohner has been handcrafting harmonicas in Germany since 1857. That expertise shows in the Marine Band Crossover’s design. Every detail is optimized for comfortable playability and vibrant acoustics.

The most important part of any harmonica is the reed plates. This model uses brass reeds responsively tuned to the key of C major. When you blow and draw through the 10 holes, you get a rich two octave range.

Hohner patented the bamboo comb construction. Bamboo is sustainably sourced and has natural acoustic properties. The comb has a triple-laminate design for durability and moisture resistance.

Thoughtful design elements improve the playing experience. Rounded edges on the cover plates and comb openings ensure smooth gliding and comfort. Reeds are precisely mounted to prevent buzzing while you play.

Iconic Tone Perfect for Blues and Folk

The Marine Band earned its reputation through the iconic sounds of blues legends. Its tone is warm, gritty, and full of expression perfect for playing blues. The acoustic properties also lend themselves well to folk music.

From wailing out soulful solos to backing up vocals with chords, this harp will become a treasured musical companion. It allows you to inject personal style into every note.

The Crossover model expands the possibilities with its 10 holes, letting you access more notes and chord combinations. You can cover everything from Delta blues to Bob Dylan-inspired folk with pro-quality tone.

Built to Last from Gigs to Jam Sessions

Hohner builds the Marine Band Crossover to keep making music for years to come. The durable bamboo comb handles moisture from heavy breathing while playing. Stainless steel cover plates protect the reeds inside.

All screws are Phillips head for quick disassembly. This lets you tune reeds or make adjustments at home. You can keep the harp playing its best through countless gigs and practices.

The Marine Band Crossover harmonica brings out your musical soul. It’s ideal for amplifying with a mic on stage or going au natural around a campfire. Let your inspiration take flight with hand-crafted German quality.


  • 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C major
  • Iconic Marine Band sound, perfect for blues and folk
  • Brass reeds mounted on bamboo comb (sustainably sourced)
  • Triple-laminated bamboo comb for moisture resistance
  • Rounded cover plate edges and comb openings for comfort
  • Stainless steel cover plates protect the reeds
  • Tuned for a 2 octave range in C major
  • Great for embellishing vocals or solos
  • Made in Germany with 160+ years of harp-making expertise

The Marine Band Crossover brings out your inner bluesman. Its history traces back to the earliest days of blues music. Now this professional-quality harp can fuel your own musical expression.

Discover rich harmonic potential with the Marine Band Crossover. Access more notes and chord combinations compared to traditional 10-hole models. Let your inspiration guide your playing, from mournful blues to upbeat folk.

Don’t just listen to great music – create it yourself! This harp makes it easy to start playing soul-filled songs with emotion and nuance. Become part of the living blues and folk traditions by playing the Marine Band Crossover.


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