Hohner Accordions Bluesband 7-Piece Harmonica Set with Carrying Case


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Jam out in any key with the Hohner Accordions Bluesband 7-Piece Harmonica Set. This complete collection gives you 7 iconic Hohner Bluesband harmonicas covering a full range of keys, plus a sturdy carrying case so you can take your harp skills anywhere.

Hohner is legendary among harmonica players, with over 150 years of experience crafting quality instruments in Germany. Their Bluesband lineup delivers that famous Hohner sound in an affordable package, making it ideal for beginners and hobbyists. The reeded plates produce full, responsive tone while the plastic comb doesn’t absorb moisture or swell. Together, these features give you great playability right out of the box.

The set includes harmonicas tuned to the keys of A, Bb, C, D, E, F, and G. Having all 12 notes of the major scale represented allows you to jam along with any songbook or backing track. The variety also makes this kit perfect for those who haven’t settled on a key yet. With all the basics covered, you can experiment freely to find your favorite.

Learning is easier too when you’ve got harps in every key. As you expand your skills and pick up new tunes, you’ll always have the right harmonica ready to go. Even more advanced players appreciate having extras on hand as spares or to lend out at jam sessions. There’s no need to derail the music while someone borrows a harp!

The carrying case included with this set makes it simple to keep your harps protected and portable. The semi-hard shell construction prevents crunching or denting while the plush interior cushions all 7 harmonicas. When it’s time to play, just unzip the case and you’ll be ready to wail. There’s even room for spare reeds, tools, and accessories.

Take Your Playing Anywhere

One of the harmonica’s best features is its convenience. Unlike a guitar, you can easily slip a harp in your pocket and pull it out anytime. This carrying case builds on that advantage, letting you safely transport a whole set of 7 harmonicas.

Heading out to a bluegrass festival or open mic night? Toss the case in your bag and you’ll have all the keys you need when it’s your turn on stage. Heading to a jam session or camping trip? Bring your harps along to join in the fun wherever it happens. The protective case prevents bouncing around or getting crunched by other gear.

Even just practicing around the house is easier when you’ve got an entire key set stored neatly together. No more searching for the harp you want or wasting practice time trying to find it. Just open the case, grab the harmonica you need, and start playing!

An Ideal Introduction to the Harmonica

For new players, this 7-piece kit is the perfect way to begin your musical journey. The affordable price means you can dive in without a huge investment. You’ll have a versatile range of keys to discover which ones you like best. Plus portability is built right in, so you can start widening your practice and playing opportunities.

More experienced harmonicists will appreciate having extras available too. Backup harps ensure you’re prepared for accidental damage during performances or practice. Jamming with friends is more convenient when everyone can grab keys as needed. You may also find yourself leaving certain keys in places like your car, gig bag, or studio.

No matter your skill level, the Hohner Bluesband 7-Piece Harmonica Set has you covered. The professional-quality construction produces great tone while the included carrying case lets you take that amazing sound anywhere. Order now and see why Hohner has been trusted by so many harmonica players for over 150 years.


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