HLJ ART Acoustic Wall Panels – Vibrant Sound Absorbing Artwork




Our HLJ ART Acoustic Wall Panels aren’t just sound dampening panels – they are beautiful art for your walls that also absorb noise. Made using upgraded UV printing technology, these panels feature eye-catching designs with accurate, vivid colors and lifelike texture. More than pretty pictures, the high-density construction reduces unwanted sounds for a peaceful environment.

Vibrant, Durable Wall Art

Available in abstract, landscape and floral designs, these sound absorbing panels enhance any decor. The rich, saturated color reproduction adds a pop of color. Durably printed on fade and fire resistant polyester, you can proudly display these panels without worry. They are safe for homes with kids and pets.

Superior Acoustic Performance

Engineered using high-density 9.4 lb/ft3 polyester, these panels effectively absorb sound thanks to the noise reduction coefficient of over 0.92. With a sound absorption coefficient of 0.8, they diminish echoes and outside noises. Place panels on walls or ceilings to create a tranquil oasis in your home studio, office, bedroom or other spaces. More panels used equals greater noise reduction.

Convenient Self-Adhesive Backing

Installation takes minutes thanks to the built-in peel and stick adhesive backing. Just remove the adhesive covering and firmly press each panel to the wall or ceiling. The sticky backing keeps the panel securely in place while allowing you to reposition as needed until you find the perfect spot. No tools or hardware required!

Ideal Size for Small to Medium Rooms

Measuring 12 x 16 inches (30 x 40 cm), these acoustic panels are suitable for most home or office spaces. Cover problematic areas where sounds reverberate for best noise dampening results. For larger rooms, combine panels to double up on the coverage area. Place them in a geometric pattern or cluster formation.

Decorate Any Space

Bedrooms, nurseries, studios, offices, rehearsal rooms and more will benefit from these sound absorbing art panels. The variety of designs means you can find the perfect look for your space.hang them together to create a custom gallery wall or use a single panel as an accent.

Superior Quality Guaranteed

We engineered these acoustic panels using top-grade materials and advanced printing technology to deliver optimal acoustic control paired with beautiful artwork. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us immediately and we will make it right. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Bring pleasant tranquility and vibrant style to your home or workspace with the HLJ ART Acoustic Wall Panels. Convenient, effective noise dampening combined with eye-catching designs to enhance your décor. The included adhesive backing means quick, simple installation in just minutes.


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