Handcrafted Dotara – Authentic 5-String Instrument from Bengal Folk Music Traditions




The dotara represents a vital thread in the rich fabric of Bengali culture. This handcrafted five-string instrument provides a tangible connection to the roots of Bengali folk music. Its resonant tones evoke the spirit of village festivals and the talented local musicians who have kept ancient musical traditions alive. Now you can experience the distinctive sound of the dotara in your own home.

This Dotara is handcrafted using traditional methods by skilled artisans in Bengal. It features five strings made of steel or bronze attached to a carved wooden body approximately 28 inches long and 6 inches wide. The bridge is provided separately. Variations in wood grain and carving patterns make each dotara unique.

The dotara produces a warm, melodic tone ideal for playing folk songs. Musicians pluck the strings rhythmically using a coconut shell plectrum called a jawa. Notes can be bent expressively by applying pressure with the fretting fingers along the neck. This allows for vocal-like slides between pitches. The DOTARA’s five strings provide a simple but versatile tonal palette well-suited to improvisation.

Unlike many modern instruments, the dotara requires no electricity and very little maintenance. The all-wood construction provides outstanding acoustic resonance. The goat skin drum head adds a percussive flavor. Dotara music is portable – an ideal companion for festivals and gatherings. This instrument rewards musicians willing to master its quirks with a lifetime of expressive possibilities.

While often overshadowed today by more modern instruments, the dotara was once popular across Bengal. The name combines the Bengali words for “two” (do) and “string” (tara) – a reference to earlier two-string versions. Rustic watercolor paintings and terra cotta sculptures prove its importance in Bengali culture for centuries.

Sadly, few musicians today specialize in the dotara. This handcrafted instrument provides the perfect opportunity to re-explore an ancient musical tradition before it is lost. Adding a dotara to your collection connects you to generations past while supporting present-day artisans.

The dotara is also compact and lightweight enough to display as a decorative artifact even when not being played. The elegant shape and intricate hand carving showcase masterful craftsmanship. Whether learning to pick out folk songs or admiring its craftsmanship, this Fair Trade dotara makes an inspiring addition to any home.

Product Details

  • Handmade in Bengal using traditional methods
  • Carved from wood with goat skin drum head
  • 5 steel or bronze strings
  • 28 inches long x 6 inches wide
  • Includes separate bridge
  • Lightweight, portable folk instrument
  • Distinctive Bengali folk tone
  • Decorative wood carving patterns
  • Fair Trade item handcrafted by artisans
  • Supports keeping musical traditions alive

Bring home the distinctive sound of Bengali folk music with this traditional handcrafted dotara. With its five steel or bronze strings, fretless wooden neck, and goat skin drum head, the dotara offers acoustic resonance perfect for folk songs. Each one is intricately hand carved in Bengal – no two are exactly alike. The dotara’s compact size makes it easy to display and play. Let its singing tones transport you back through centuries of Bengali tradition. Order an authentic folk dotara today.


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