Guitar Effect Pedal with Amp Simulator – Flexible Tone-Shaping for Electric Guitar and Bass


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Take your guitar tone into new sonic territory with this versatile amp simulator and distortion pedal. With a wide range of gain stages and tone-shaping controls, you can dial in everything from subtle overdrive to heavily saturated distortion. The amp modeling brings realistic tube warmth and response that makes your guitar or bass sound massive.

Modern High-Gain Distortion

This pedal excels at modern high-gain tones, from crunchy rock overdrive to thick, saturated metal distortion. Activate the pedal and you’ll hear your guitar roar to life with tight, focused crunch. As you increase the gain, the distortion thickens with a rich harmonic character. Scoop the mids and crank the output for a crushing metal tone.

Variable Voice Control

A key feature is the voice control that lets you tweak the EQ profile of the distortion. Boost treble for extra bite to cut through the mix. Turn down treble and increase bass for a thick, heavy sound. Sweep the midrange to find your sweet spot. With the 3-band EQ and pre/post-gain stages, you have endless tone customization.

Realistic Amp Response

This pedal doesn’t just sound like a generic distortion box. The analog circuitry reactively models the sag, compression, and touch sensitivity of real tube amps. You can hear the dynamic bloom as you dig into strings. Notes have a warm, organic feel. Chords retain their clarity as the distortion compresses. It’s much more responsive than simply boosting the front end of an amp.

Sounds Great on Both Guitar and Bass

The amp simulator has plenty of low-end punch to sound fantastic on bass too. Dial in just a touch of overdrive for a more articulate bass tone that cuts through the mix. Or max out the gain for a thick, hairy fuzz that flat-out growls. The distortion is nice and tight even at extreme settings. It also retains low end, unlike some pedals that get thin in higher gain ranges.

Stack it with Other Pedals

Place this amp simulator pedal at the start of your effects chain to add distortion to your core tone. Or run it after other pedals to distort your modulated effects. The boosted signal level is perfect for hitting the front end of other pedals harder. Stack it with your chorus, delay, and reverb to create a pro-level guitar tone.

Take Command of Your Sound

Why settle for the stock distortion from your amp? This pedal unlocks a wide variety of tones that can push your guitar or bass sound into new territory. From dynamic low-gain growl to extreme metal fury, the amp simulator offers impressive flexibility. Guitarists who need variable gain stages and voicing will appreciate the control this pedal provides.

Product Highlights:

  • 3-band EQ for detailed tone shaping
  • Pre and post gain stages
  • Realistic dynamic amp response
  • Dial in overdrive to high-gain distortion
  • Works great on both guitar and bass
  • Compact and pedalboard friendly

Take your tone to the next level with this amp simulator and distortion pedal! It makes it easy to achieve modern high-gain sounds with vintage tube amp warmth and compression.


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