GUDA DRUM Freezbee Yin Yang Steel Tongue Drum – Premium Meditative Musical Instrument Gift


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Tranquil Tones for Mindfulness and Healing with the GUDA DRUM Freezbee Yin Yang Steel Tongue Drum.

Immerse yourself in relaxation and musical meditation with the warm, balanced tones of the GUDA DRUM Freezbee Yin Yang steel tongue drum. Handcrafted from premium materials and tuned to perfection, this high-quality percussion instrument provides a gateway to mindfulness, creativity, and intuitive messages.

The Freezbee Yin Yang features a unique half cutout design representing the concept of duality in Taoism. The drum’s 8 notes are laid out in a circular pattern resembling the classic Taijitu symbol with tones flowing seamlessly from low to high. Strike the tongues with your fingers or the included mallets to release ASMR-like tones that promote inner peace and spiritual harmony.

Superior Materials and Construction for Optimal Sound

At the heart of the Freezbee Yin Yang is a top-grade phosphor bronze tongue plate meticulously tuned to the mystic Arcane musical scale (A C D E F G A C). The steel alloy produces clear, resonant tones without metallic distortion thanks to expert calibrations by veteran tuners.

The drum shell is crafted from fine birch wood, chosen for its natural acoustic properties and ability to amplify the tongue plate’s frequencies. Together, these high-end materials create an authentically percussive yet ethereal sonic experience.

Intuitively Designed for Meditative Playing

Every detail of the GUDA DRUM Freezbee Yin Yang is intended to inspire a contemplative state of mind. The ergonomic half-cutout shape fits comfortably on your lap or a tabletop during practice. The circular tongue layout facilitates smooth transitions between notes to help you get lost in the moment.

Whether you glide your fingers or bounce the mallets, the Freezbee Yin Yang’s relaxing tones become an extension of your body. Let your stress and worries drift away as you unlock your creativity and intuition through musical meditation.

The Perfect Gift for Music Lovers, Yogis, and Therapists

Share the gift of mindfulness with the GUDA DRUM Freezbee Yin Yang. Its high-end quality and universal appeal make it an ideal present for music aficionados, yogis, sound healers, music therapists, and anyone seeking a little more peace in their lives.

More affordable than similar handpans, this professional-grade steel tongue drum produces comparable tones at a fraction of the price. Plus, it ships securely in a deluxe hard case and includes a tuning hammer, rubber mallets, and playing techniques eBook to get you started.

Bring Home Healing Vibrations from a Trusted Brand

GUDA DRUM combines expert Japanese craftsmanship with a deep respect for the power of sound therapy. Their extensive selection of world percussion instruments includes premium steel tongue drums tuned to align with chakras and enhance meditation.

The Freezbee Yin Yang exemplifies GUDA’s commitment to spiritual harmony through music. Its quality construction produces balanced, resonant tones to melt stress, open your heart, and elevate your consciousness through sound.

Choose from a Rainbow of Colors to Match Your Style

The Freezbee Yin Yang steel tongue drum is available in a spectrum of eye-catching colors:

– Mystic Purple – energizing and empowering
– Natural Wood – organic and earthy
– Ocean Blue – soothing and peaceful
– Sunny Yellow – uplifting and optimistic
– Vibrant Red – stimulating and passionate

No matter which colorful drum you choose, you’ll enjoy the same premium quality paired with an aura to complement your playing space.

Bring home the rejuvenating gift of music therapy with the GUDA DRUM Freezbee Yin Yang. This professional-grade steel tongue drum produces healing vibrations to relax the body, inspire creativity, and open your spirit.


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