GUDA DRUM Freezbee Steel Tongue Drum – Handpan Alternative for Musical Meditation


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Immerse in relaxation with the balanced, resonant tones of the GUDA DRUM Freezbee steel tongue drum. Expertly handcrafted for premium sound, this percussion instrument promotes mindfulness, creativity, and inner peace.

At the heart of the Freezbee is a top-grade phosphor bronze tongue plate tuned to the soothing Arcane scale (A C D E F G A C). Strike the 8 notes with fingers or included mallets to release ASMR-like tones without metallic distortion.

The ergonomic half-cutout shape and circular tongue layout facilitate smooth playing for a contemplative state of mind. Melt away stress and elevate your consciousness through the Freezbee’s healing vibrations.

An affordable alternative to handpans, this professional-grade steel tongue drum produces comparable tones for a fraction of the price. The perfect gift for music lovers, yogis, therapists, and anyone seeking more peace in their lives.

Bring home the rejuvenating power of sound therapy with the GUDA DRUM Freezbee.


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