Godin LGXT Solid Body Electric Guitar – 3 Unique Voicings in One Versatile Instrument


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Unleash a spectrum of tones with the Godin LGXT solid body electric guitar. This innovative 3-voice axe houses an HB humbucker, SC single coil, and hexaphonic synth pickup for incredible tonal flexibility. The slim, comfortable neck and seamless switching empower you to go from searing lead lines to synth-like effects at the turn of a dial.

3 Distinct Electric Guitar Voicings

What makes the LGXT unique is its trio of onboard electric guitar pickups, each with their own personality and applications:

HB Custom Humbucker: For warm, singing lead tones and dirty crunch. Godin’s custom bucker delivers dynamics that stand out in a mix.

SC Single Coil: Snappy and articulate for chord voicings. Adds definition when combined with the humbucker.

Hexaphonic Synth Pickup: Converts your playing into a separate signal per string to interface with synthesizers, modeling apps and more.

Seamless Switching Between Pickups

An advanced electronics system lets you smoothly blend between the three pickup voices. Just turn a dial to gradually mix more of the synth pickup into your tone. No jarring pickup selector switch translates to uninterrupted playability.

Comfortable, Fast-Playing Neck Profile

The LGXT features a slim, comfortable C-shaped neck made from quality Honduran Mahogany. Medium jumbo frets on a fast 12″ radius ebony fretboard enable effortless access to even the highest notes. The thin neck and low action facilitate speedy leads and intricate chording.

Responsive, Resonant Tonewoods

The LGXT gets its balanced, resonant tones from select tonewoods perfected by Godin’s expert Canadian craftsmanship. The Silver Leaf Maple body enhances definition and sustain. The Mahogany neck adds warmth and presence.

High-Build Quality Throughout

From its rich AA cognac burst finish to the meticulous fretwork, the LGXT displays Godin’s commitment to build quality. It’s assembled in North America using premium components that meet their high standards. The result is a professional-grade electric guitar with versatility to spare.

Why Choose the Godin LGXT?

  • 3 distinct pickup voices in one guitar
  • HB humbucker for thick leads and crunch
  • SC single coil for shimmer and chord definition
  • Hexaphonic synth pickup for effects and modeling
  • Smooth blending between pickup voices
  • Fast, comfortable neck for easy playability
  • Made in North America from quality components

Unleash a World of Electric Guitar Tones

The LGXT opens up creative possibilities by putting three voices under your fingertips. Summon aggressive leads, articulate rhythms, synth effects and more without switching guitars. This is your ticket to vastly expand your sonic palette within one instrument.

From Growling Leads to Synth Effects

The LGXT isn’t just versatile – it’s incredibly intuitive. A turn of the pickup selector dial allows gradual blending between the humbucker, single coil, and synth pickup voices.

Crank the neck humbucker for singing leads that cut through a mix. Roll off some of the bucker to mix in the single coil for funky rhythms. Then blend in the synth pickup to add modeling effects on top of your core analog guitar tone.

Sounds that Inspire Your Creativity

Having access to different guitar pickup voices keeps your creative juices flowing. Maybe you’ll use the synth pickup to design cosmic soundscapes. Or create pad-like swelling textures beneath your main guitar line.

The tonal flexibility removes limitations and inspires you to discover new ways to use guitar in your music. No longer do you need to own several guitars to access different sounds.

Natural Acoustic Dynamics

While the LGXT provides immense tonal options, it retains the organic, expressive nature of an electric guitar. The HB humbucker has exceptional warmth and dynamics perfect for emulating your favorite guitarists.

You can dig in to generate natural compression and breakup. Clean up your attack for pristine articulation. It feels and responds like a top-notch electric guitar, not a synth module.

Gigging Workhorse

The LGXT is optimized for performing guitarists who need tonal flexibility in a gig-worthy package. The durable silver leaf maple body withstands the rigors of frequent transport and performance.

Responses are comfortable and reliable show after show. Wherever inspiration leads during your set, this guitar has the sounds to back you up.

North American Craftsmanship

Godin guitars are proudly handcrafted in North America using premium components sourced worldwide. Their relatively small-shop approach allows for incredible quality control and customization options.

Each LGXT gets special attention – from wood selection to final setup. You get a pro-grade instrument benefitting from Godin’s decades of guitar-making expertise.

Order Your Godin LGXT Today

Access an inspiring spectrum of electric guitar tones with the LGXT 3-voice solidbody from Godin. From this single guitar, summon thick humbucker leads, sparkling single coil rhythms, synthesizer textures and more. Its high-quality construction will satisfy players at any level.


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