Gecko Travel Cajon – Compact Percussion for Anywhere


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Experience the joy of percussion with the Gecko Travel Cajon. This compact drum box delivers big cajon sound in a portable size perfect for musicians and music lovers on the go.

High Quality Zebra Wood Construction

The Gecko Travel Cajon features a body handcrafted from beautiful zebra wood with a striking brown and black stripe pattern. Zebra wood not only looks fantastic but also produces full-bodied acoustic tones. The front playing surface utilizes high-density wood ideal for percussive strikes. Delivering both visual appeal and exceptional functionality, this cajon is built to last.

Ultra-Compact Size for Portability

Measuring just 11.4” x 9.3” x 11.8”, the Gecko Travel Cajon has a footprint smaller than a briefcase. The compact dimensions and lightweight 5.5 lb design make this cajon easy to pack in a backpack, store in a vehicle, or carry to your next jam session or gig. Play percussion anywhere with the extra portable Gecko drum box.

Dual Sound Zones

The front panel of the Gecko Cajon has two playing zones for creating different sounds. Striking near the center produces deep, punchy bass tones. Tap near the top corners to engage the internal guitar strings for snappy snare sounds. This versatile two-zone design lets you create diverse rhythms and percussive effects.

Adjustable Internal Snares

Customize your snare tone by adjusting the internal guitar strings. Use the included Allen wrench to tighten or loosen the strings to suit your desired crispness and snare resonance. Tweak for more ring or pull tighter for a drier crack. Set up your ideal snare snap quickly and easily.

For Acoustic and Amplified Applications

The Gecko Travel Cajon works great for acoustic percussive sessions, unplugged jamming, street performances, and practice. You can also amplify your sound by using a microphone in front of the drum. The quality tone will project through PA speakers to fill larger venues with your cajon rhythms. Use this versatile drum box for solo percussion or adding beat to any acoustic or plugged-in musical performance.

Ideal for All Playing Levels

Simple and fun to play while offering room to develop skills over time, the cajon is a perfect percussion instrument for beginners and experts alike. The ergonomic design encourages proper hand technique. Just sit on the cajon and use your hands to tap out beats on the front panel. You’ll be making music in seconds! More advanced players can create sophisticated rhythms using finger rolls, slaps, mutes, and other cajon techniques.

Built for Years of Enjoyable Use

From the solid wood body to internal snare wires, this cajon is constructed from quality materials built to withstand regular playing sessions and transport. The natural finish showcases the handsome wood grain while protecting against scrapes and scuffs during travel. Compact yet delivering robust warm, percussive tone, the Gecko Travel Cajon is a musical companion ready to go wherever the beat takes you.

Why Choose the Gecko Travel Cajon?

  • Quality zebra wood construction with great looks and acoustic tone
  • Ultra-portable design perfect for travel and spontaneous jam sessions
  • Dual sound zones for bass and snare sounds
  • Adjustable internal snares customize snare resonance
  • Works unplugged or amplify with a microphone
  • Easy to play for beginners and children
  • Fun outlet for creativity and musical expression
  • Durable build quality for years of enjoyment

Bring the joy of hand percussion anywhere with the Gecko Travel Cajon! This compact yet great-sounding drum box is perfect for musicians, artists, teachers, students, music hobbyists, and families seeking an accessible percussion instrument.

Order the Gecko Travel Cajon today and enjoy the portability, quality tones, and simplicity that make this cajon the ideal percussion companion for life’s musical adventures!


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