Gator Frameworks Utility Table for Keyboard and Audio Gear – Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Steel with Foam Padding




Bring professional studio quality to your home with the Gator Frameworks Utility Table. This versatile table is designed to provide a stable and adjustable platform for your keyboard, mixer, DJ controller, or other audio gear.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction for Unrivaled Stability

At the heart of this table is the heavy duty steel frame and legs that can support up to 132 lbs (60 kg) of weight. Enjoy total confidence that your expensive equipment will remain securely in place during intense performances or recordings. The strong tubular steel construction ensures the table won’t wobble or shake even when raised to its maximum 40 inch height.

Foam Padding Protects Your Gear from Scratches

The table surface is covered in a 0.4 inch thick layer of EVA foam padding. This high-density foam acts as a protective barrier between the hard steel tabletop and your delicate equipment. It absorbs shocks and bumps so your keyboard, DJ gear, and other items are safe from scratches and scuffs during transport or heavy use. The padding is also great for reducing keyboard vibration.

Fully Adjustable Height and Width

A built-in scissor mechanism allows you to easily adjust the table height from a minimum of 26 inches up to 40 inches to suit your seating position. Crank the lever to raise or lower the table smoothly and find the perfect height for playing keyboards or mixing audio while seated or standing.

You can also adjust the width of the table from 29 to 44 inches wide. Spread it out to fit multiple devices side-by-side or collapse it for a more compact workspace. The adjustable width makes it easy to customize your layout.

Integrated Leveling Feet Keep the Table Steady

To ensure your table is always level and wobble-free, integrated leveling feet with non-slip bottoms allow you to compensate for uneven stages or floors. Just rotate the feet to stabilize and balance the table even on angled surfaces. A convenient built-in bubble level takes the guesswork out of leveling.

Folds Down for Easy Transport and Storage

The entire table folds down for easy transport and storage when not in use. Unfold it in seconds and lock the legs in place to start your performance or recording session. The folding design makes this table perfect for gigging musicians, mobile DJs, or anyone who needs to stow their gear and move locations frequently.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame supports up to 132 lbs
  • 26 – 40 inch adjustable height range
  • 29 – 44 inch adjustable width
  • EVA foam padding protects equipment
  • Integrated leveling feet and bubble level
  • Folds down for transport and storage

Rock-Solid Stability for Your Studio or Stage

Stability is critical when positioning expensive musical instruments and audio equipment. The last thing you want is for your gear to slide around or the table to tip over during an intense recording session or live performance.

The Gator Framework Utility Table provides unmatched sturdiness thanks to its sturdy steel construction and wide-stance locking legs. Once locked in place, you can trust this table to remain firmly planted. The non-slip foam surface also helps grip your gear to prevent sliding.

Many cheaper keyboard stands tend to wobble, bounce, and lack adequate support for heavy equipment. However, the robust steel build quality of this Gator table offers superior strength and stability that professionals demand. It’s perfectly equipped to handle the rigors of studios, stages, and frequent transport.

Spacious Tabletop

With up to 44 inches of width adjustment, this table provides ample room for multiple pieces of gear. Use the expansive surface area to accommodate large keyboards, turntables, drum machines, laptops, controllers, speakers and other accessories.

The large table size also offers plenty of room to set up microphones, music stands, headphones, cables, and other items you want within arm’s reach. No more running out of space or having a cluttered workspace.

Comfortable Working Height

The adjustable height range of 26 to 40 inches allows you to optimize this table for use while seated or standing. Set it low enough to play keyboards comfortably while sitting down without having to reach up or hunch over. Or raise it for mixing audio while standing up. Finding the right height helps avoid neck, shoulder, and back discomfort during long sessions.

Portable and Convenient

Despite the heavy-duty build, this table still folds down nicely for easy transport from studio to stage or storage between sessions. Just flip the lever to release the legs, fold it up, and roll away on the built-in casters. Set up again in seconds.

The folding design makes this an extremely versatile and portable utility table suitable for home studios, mobile DJs, bands, schools, and other applications where sturdy equipment must be moved frequently. Conveniently stow it away when not needed.

Elevate Your Home Recording Studio

For home recording studios, this adjustable table is ideal for producing music with MIDI keyboards, drum machines, laptops, and audio interfaces. Give your equipment a proper studio rack-like setup without taking up a ton of space.

Use it as a keyboard stand, DJ table, mixing desk, equipment rack, and more. The sturdy build and foam padding provide professional quality results for amateur studios.

Built to Last

Gator Frameworks is an industry leader in manufacturing A/V racks and stands for professional applications. They are trusted by touring musicians, live venues, and recording studios worldwide for their excellent build quality and reliability.

This utility table is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Designed and constructed with detail-oriented craftsmanship, it’s made to provide many years of flawless performance.

Order with Confidence

Get your home studio, stage, or performance space set up like the pros with the Gator Frameworks Utility Table. It provides a stable, customizable, and road-ready solution for optimal placement of your musical equipment and electronics.

Don’t settle for a flimsy plastic keyboard stand or repurposed TV tray. Invest in a table built from the ground up to meet the demands of serious artists and audio engineers.

Buy the Gator Frameworks Utility Table today to level up your performance or recording studio with rock-solid stability and support. Your gear never sounded better.


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