FOUR UNCLES 12-Inch Steel Tongue Drum – Diatonic 13-Note C Major Hand Pan with Carry Bag, Mallets and More


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Immerse yourself in magical music with the FOUR UNCLES 12-Inch Steel Tongue Drum! Handcrafted with quality and care, this diatonic percussion instrument produces 13 ethereal tones that delight the soul.

A Mesmerizing Hand Pan Alternative

Similar to a traditional tongue drum or hand pan, the FOUR UNCLES steel tongue drum features a hardy outer shell and protruding tongues that ring out tuneful tones when struck. With a 12-inch diameter, this handmade drum produces bright, resonant notes across a 2-octave C major diatonic scale. While not a true hand pan, the design and sound quality mimic those coveted percussion instruments at a more affordable price point for beginners.

Precision-Crafted for Optimal Sound

Expertly constructed from a high-alloy steel with enhanced corrosion resistance, this drum retains its lustrous shine and ability to sing. The round body and lotus petal-shaped tongues are accurately cut by hand to generate crisp, clean tones. Whether you opt to gently tap the tongues with rubber mallets or use your fingertips, the notes will ring true with Buddha-like ambience.

Versatile for All Musical Levels

Even if you have no prior music experience, this zen tonguedrum is easy and inviting to learn. The intuitive 13-note layout allows you to pick up natural melodies and rhythms. Included lesson sheets also teach beginner songs like “Amazing Grace” and “Jingle Bells” to help you start playing tunes right away. More advanced percussionists will enjoy the C to D range and exploring different techniques.

Enchanting Sounds for Relaxation, Meditation & More

From the first ethereal tone, you’ll be captivated by the steel tongue drum’s soothing, healing vibrations. The calming soundscape provides a sanctuary from stress, clearing the mind for meditation. Or play your drum during yoga, massages and reiki sessions to enhance relaxation. Let the gentle notes transport you to your happy place. Your soul will sing!

The Perfect Gift for Music Lovers

Share the gift of musical Zen with someone special! The FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum makes a thoughtful present for adults and teens who want to pick up a cool percussive instrument. The 12-inch size is ideal for travel and tabletop playing. And the high-quality emerald green finish looks fantastic anywhere this hand drum is played.

Complete Set for Percussive Play

Begin making music right out of the box with these included accessories:

  • Protective canvas carry bag with shoulder strap
  • 2 rubber mallets for optimal tongue striking
  • Mallet holder that attaches to drum edge
  • Instruction booklet with beginner songs, techniques and more
  • 2 spare screw-on tongues
  • 6 finger picks for enhanced hand drumming

Discover Inner Peace with Soothing Sounds

Tap into the healing power of the FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum. With its quality construction and enchanting tones, this hand percussion instrument provides sweet release for mind, body and soul. Order the complete drum set today to begin playing your own sitar-like melodies!

Product Specifications

  • Drum Size: 12 inches (30 cm) diameter; 3 inches (8 cm) tall
  • Drum Material: High-alloy steel with enamel finish
  • Tongues: 13 notes in C major diatonic scale
  • Note Range: C4 to D5 with 2 full octaves
  • Carry Bag: Durable canvas with shoulder strap
  • Mallets: Rubber plated striking sticks
  • Finger Picks: 6 stainless steel picks for hand drumming
  • Spare Parts: 2 extra screw-on tongues
  • Instruction Manual: Beginner techniques, songs and tips
  • Manufacturer: FOUR UNCLES

Immerse yourself in the soothing, meditative sounds of the FOUR UNCLES Steel Tongue Drum. Order today to unlock your inner musical Zen.


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