Folk Acoustic Guitar Pickup for Violins Ukulele Tuning – Guitar Pickup for Acoustic Guitar Violins Banjos String Instruments


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Capture Your Musical Inspiration with This Easy-to-Use Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Making music should be simple. With the right tools, you can turn inspiration into beautiful melodies with ease. This acoustic guitar pickup makes it effortless to amplify the natural sound of your instrument.

Designed for convenience, this compact guitar pickup simply attaches with an included hook and clasp. No special tools or installation needed! The smart 360° rotating connector wire lets you position speakers without limiting your on-stage mobility. Spend less time fiddling with equipment and more time sharing your musical gift.

Hassle-Free Installation for Acoustic Guitars, Violins, Banjos, Ukuleles, and More

Whether you play late into the night beside a campfire or take the stage at your local cafe, this versatile pickup works wonderfully with your favorite string instruments. Easily mount it on acoustic guitars, violins, banjos, ukuleles, and more thanks to the powerful built-in microphone and clever adhesive mounting.

The strong double-sided tape keeps the pickup firmly in place without any drilling or permanent mods. Place it on the best spot for optimal sound amplification based on your playing style. Move it to a new location anytime to change up your instrument’s voice.

Emphasize Unique Tones and Textures in Your Music

One pickup can’t capture all the subtle resonance and character of a fine acoustic instrument. That’s why this pickup has a compact, unobtrusive design. Mount it on different spots on your instrument to bring out unique tones that reflect your personal style.

On an acoustic guitar, place the pickup beneath the strings near the soundhole to highlight the bright metallic resonance. Or, attach it to the lower bout to emphasize earthy low-end tones that create a rich bass. Let your mood and inspiration guide you toward new sounds.

Hear the Difference

Once mounted, simply plug the standard 6.35 mm connector wire into your amplifier or PA system. Immediately you’ll hear the difference as your instrument’s nuanced voices are accurately reproduced. The projection power allows you to fill small venues with gorgeous unamplified sound.

Take your music to bigger crowds by using the pickup with larger amplification systems. The excellent reproduction captures every subtle tone. Even at high volumes, the sound remains clear and honest to your instrument’s unique acoustic properties.

Stop struggling with insufficient built-in pickups and temperamental clip-on contact mics. This specially designed acoustic pickup gives you control over the voice you share with your audience. Express yourself through your music without limits.

Quick Specs:

– Compact pickup mounts with included clasp and hook

– Adhesive backing for secure hands-free use

– 360° rotating connector for flexible positioning

– Projects gorgeous unamplified acoustic sound

– Creates excellent amplified sound through PA systems

– Easily mounts on acoustic guitars, violins, ukuleles, banjos, and more

– No drilling or mods required

Take Your Music Places

Stage or studio, coffee shop or arena – there are so many places your music can go. Don’t limit your possibilities with equipment that holds you back. This easy-to-use acoustic guitar pickup gives you the flexibility and convenience you need to take your inspiration wherever it leads.

Order today and hear what a difference it can make in projecting your unique musical voice.


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