Fishman Loudbox Dual Footswitch – Handsfree Effects and Mute Control for Loudbox Amplifiers


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Take complete handsfree control over your Fishman Loudbox amplifier with the Fishman Loudbox Dual Footswitch. This dual-button foot controller allows you to remotely switch effects on/off and instantly mute your amplifier – no more tapping buttons on your amp to change settings mid-performance.

The Loudbox Dual Footswitch seamlessly integrates with all Fishman Loudbox amplifiers, providing a bass player or guitarist easy handsfree control right at their feet. Step on the footswitch buttons to toggle effects or cut the sound instantly without missing a beat.

Remote Control Effects and Muting

The two-button design of the Loudbox Dual Footswitch provides versatile remote control capabilities for Loudbox amps:

– Effects Button: Remotely switch between two of your favorite effects presets on your Loudbox amp. No need to lean over and press the buttons on your amp to engage or bypass effects. Step on the footswitch for instant switching.

– Mute Button: Completely mutes your Loudbox amp’s output at the press of a button. Great for tuning, taking breaks between songs, or creating “kill switch” effects. Bring your sound back instantly by stepping on the mute button again.

With the footswitch placed at your feet, you have your amp’s two most important functions – effects and mute – easily accessible without using your hands. Keep your hands free to focus on playing, while you control your tone and mute settings with a simple step.

Designed for Gigging Musicians

The Loudbox Dual Footswitch makes effects control and muting easy for gigging bass players, guitarists, singer-songwriters, and other musicians using Fishman Loudbox amplifiers.

Its compact size takes up minimal stage space at your feet. It connects to your amp via a 20′ cable, giving you freedom to roam the stage while within reach of the footswitch.

High quality metal construction ensures the footswitch buttons endure heavy usage at gigs night after night. Plus the pedal features a rocker design, so you can easily activate functions using the side or heel of your foot – no need to aim your foot perfectly.

For musicians running a pedalboard, the Loudbox footswitch integrates seamlessly. Simply place it alongside your other effects pedals and control your amp’s preset effects and mute settings with your feet just like you would other pedals.

Whether using it as a standalone controller or incorporated with other pedals, the Loudbox Dual Footswitch provides handsfree convenience that makes performing much easier.

Easy Setup and Compatibility

Connecting the Loudbox Dual Footswitch takes just seconds. Simply plug it into the rear “Footswitch” input of any Loudbox amplifier using the 20′ cable.

The footswitch features a 1/4″ TRS connection and requires no special configuration. It automatically syncs with your amp’s effects and mute functions as soon as you plug it in.

Fishman designed the footswitch to work seamlessly across their full line of Loudbox amplifiers, including:

– Loudbox Artist
– Loudbox Performer
– Loudbox Mini
– And more

It also works great as a remote mute switch for Fishman’s Platinum Stage acoustic guitar preamp.

The straightfoward plug-and-play design means you can easily use the footswitch across multiple Loudbox amps interchangeably. Move it between your amps effortlessly to enhance any Fishman-powered rig with remote control convenience.

Transform Your Performance Experience

If you perform with a Fishman powered amplifier, the Loudbox Dual Footswitch is a must-have accessory to make effects switching and muting easy.

No more excessive tapping on your amp to change settings between songs. Keep your hands on your instrument and control essential functions right at your feet.

Instantly mute your sound for tuning breaks or mute kick-ins without scrambling to press buttons mid-performance. Effortlessly switch between effects presets to transform your tone from song to song.

Designed for simplicity and stage-ready durability, the Fishman Loudbox Dual Footswitch levels up your performance experience. Grab one today to take full handsfree control over your Fishman amplified rig!


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