Fender Gretsch G6241FT 16″ Hollowbody Flat Top Hardshell Guitar Case


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Custom Protection for Your Precious Gretsch Hollowbody

The Fender Gretsch G6241FT 16″ Hollowbody Flat Top Hardshell Guitar Case is specifically designed to provide top-notch protection for your Gretsch G5420 or G5422 series hollowbody guitar. As a Gretsch player myself, I know how important it is to keep your investment safe, whether you’re gigging across town or touring the world. This hardshell case is custom-fit for 16″ hollowbody frames and offers much more security than a basic gig bag.

Built Tough to Withstand the Rigors of Travel

Constructed from solid wood and covered in rugged Tolex material, this hardshell case is built to last. The exterior is designed to absorb impacts and handling, keeping your guitar shielded from scrapes and bumps. The plush interior features a soft faux-fur lining that cradles your guitar to prevent shifting and rubbing during transport. Durable latches and chrome plated hardware add extra reinforcement to maintain a tight seal. I’ve used this case to protect my Gretsch hollowbody for years of regular gigging, and it still looks and functions like new.

Interior Features Keep Your Guitar Secure

The neck brace and bridge cushion blocks hold your guitar firmly in place to minimize movement. Extra neck support prevents damage to the sensitive neck joint area, which is especially important for a hollowbody’s delicate construction. The graduated interior is molded to match your guitar’s unique contours. Unlike a generic case, this custom fit prevents your guitar from shifting around and sustaining cosmetic damage. The accessory compartment provides storage for small items like picks and strings.

Lightweight Yet Heavy Duty

Even with its rugged construction, the Fender Gretsch G6241FT 16″ Hollowbody Hardshell Case remains lightweight and manageable. I never feel bogged down lugging it to venues and it’s easy to transport for tours. The ergonomic molded handle makes carrying comfortable without digging into your hands. Durable locking latches keep the case sealed tight.

Protect Your Investment

Your Gretsch hollowbody represents a major investment both financially and emotionally. This quality hardshell case provides the protection your guitar deserves from the rigors of gigging, traveling, and storage. The plush interior pampers your axe while the rugged exterior shields it from harm.

Gretch hollowbody guitars like the G5420 and G5422 are prized for their resonant tones and sublime playability. But their fully hollow construction also makes them more fragile than solid body electrics. A quality hardshell case is essential both for safe transport and preventing dings during storage at home.

Peace of Mind

Having trustworthy protection for your expensive hollowbody lets you relax when traveling. There’s no need to stress about your guitar getting damaged in transit when it’s cradled in this protective case. Just focus on putting on a great show, knowing your precious axe is safe and sound.

I never hit the road without my Gretsch safely encased in this Fender hardshell case. It has allowed me to enjoy years of trouble-free touring. I highly recommend this case to any Gretsch hollowbody owner looking for a road-worthy solution. Your guitar and your peace of mind will thank you!

Additional Features:

  • Rugged Tolex exterior resists scuffs and abrasion
  • Solid wood construction for durability
  • Plush faux-fur interior lining pampers your guitar
  • Molded for exact fit of 16″ Gretsch hollowbody guitars
  • Neck brace and bridge block keep guitar immobile
  • Storage compartment for picks, strings and small accessories
  • Ergonomic molded handle for comfortable carrying
  • Locking latches keep case securely closed
  • Lightweight design makes transport easy

Designed for Gretsch Guitars Including:

  • G5420 Electromatic Hollow Body
  • G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body with Bigsby
  • G5422 Electromatic Hollow Body with Bigsby
  • G5422TG Limited Edition Electromatic Hollow Body with Bigsby

Protect your investment and your peace of mind with the Fender Gretsch G6241FT 16″ Hollowbody Hardshell Guitar Case. Custom designed for Gretsch hollowbody models, this rugged case keeps your precious guitar safe for a lifetime of playing. Order today and breathe easy on your next tour!


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