Fender Classic 3-Guitar Case Stand – Elegant Display for Your Precious Guitars


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Every guitarist needs a stylish and secure way to store and display their prized instruments at home or in the studio. This 3-guitar case stand from Fender offers an elegant yet durable solution. Constructed with high quality materials and functional design, it keeps your guitars protected while adding a touch of vintage flair to your space.

Sturdy Construction for Reliable Protection

The outer shell features a tweed or black vinyl wrapping over 3-ply hardwood, keeping the case lightweight yet road-tough. The vinyl exterior is both handsome to look at and easy to clean, resisting scuffs and scrapes during transport.

Inside, the lining consists of soft yet firm crushed acrylic plush that cradles your instruments and prevents jostling. Even the carry handle is vinyl-wrapped steel for added durability. With steel latches to keep the lid securely closed, you can transport this case stand between gigs without worry.

At home, the case converts into a stable display stand for 3 full-size guitars. The ample neck support and shaped body rests keep your instruments properly positioned to prevent warping or damage. Closed and latched shut, the exterior dimensions measure 50 x 21 x 11 inches.

Beautiful Vintage Styling

This guitar case stand exudes timeless style, looking like a vintage luggage trunk with its tweed or black covering. The retro aesthetics lend a classic charm to any room. Display it in your living room, music studio, or office to infuse the space with old-world character.

Despite the retro vibe, the construction adheres to modern standards. The plush interior is gentle on your guitar finishes, while the lid opens wide for easy access. Hardware meets flight-worthy standards so you can check the case for stress-free airline transport.

Flexible Storage for Up to 3 Guitars

The interior compartment provides shaped resting spots for 3 full-size guitars or similarly sized instruments. The neck supports are extra wide to accommodate various headstock configurations. The body rests extend nearly the full depth of the case interior to keep bass guitars and acoustics secure.

You can use the 3 spots for any combination of electric guitars, acoustics, basses, ukuleles or other medium instruments like mandolins. It even fits most guitar-shaped electrics like the Flying V or Explorer thanks to the deep body rests. Shut and latched, this case keeps dust off your babies while organizing your collection.

High Quality Hardware for Security

The latches, hinges and handle are heavy-duty metal for reliability. The molded handle feels good in your hand while remaining sturdy enough for repeated carries. Plated chrome latches keep the lid tightly closed while looking slick and polished.

Inside, the neck supports have soft foam cradles to prevent finish rubbing. The crushed acrylic lining further buffers your instruments, preventing dings, scratches and cracks. This plushy lining also makes the interior somewhat customizable, conforming over time to the unique shape of your guitars.

Care and Maintenance

To clean the vinyl exterior, use a soft rag with warm water and mild soap. Avoid abrasive cleaners or cloths that could scratch the finish. Periodically inspect the hardware to ensure the latches, hinges and handle remain securely attached.

Do not exceed the 3-guitar weight capacity, as overloading can cause undue stress. Avoid placing the stand near heating vents or in excessive moisture to prevent possible warping. Check the latches routinely to ensure they fasten tightly and keep the interior secure.

Ideal for Studio, Stage or Home Use

This Fender guitar case stand provides reliable protection paired with vintage styling. The durable exterior and plush interior keep your instruments safe from damage. It looks great on stage as a padded trunk, providing easy access to guitars during performances. At home, it displays your collection while keeping off dust.

Whether you need portable storage or a handsome display, this 3-guitar case checks all the boxes. For musicians wanting to protect their prized guitars with a stylish, road-ready solution, it makes an excellent choice.


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