Fat Toad Guitar Cables (8 Pack) – Premium Gold-Plated Amp Cords for Clear Sound


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Unlock Studio-Quality Sound with the Fat Toad Guitar Cables 8 Pack

Every guitarist knows the frustration of dealing with cheap, poor quality cables that cut out, add noise, or degrade your tone. Unfortunately, most budget instrument cables are manufactured with subpar materials that can’t withstand the rigors of performance and practice.

That’s why we created the Fat Toad Guitar Cables Pack – to provide musicians with eight high-performance, durable guitar cords for less than the cost of one boutique cable.

Constructed with 24 AWG oxygen-free copper and a spiral-wrapped, foil shield for reduced EMI/RFI interference, these pro-grade patch cables will give your signal clear passage from guitar to amp without compromising quality.

The Fat Toad guitar cords also boast gold-plated 1/4 inch straight plugs for optimal connectivity and corrosion resistance. The gold tips maintain their integrity far longer than other metals, giving you uninterrupted usage over years of heavy use.

Key Features:

  • Set of 8 x 20 ft straight instrument cables
  • 24 AWG oxygen-free copper conductor
  • Braided copper shielding for noise reduction
  • Gold-plated 1/4 inch straight plugs
  • Flexible PVC jacket

Whether you need spare patch cables for your pedalboard, extra length to roam the stage, or simply want the peace of mind that comes with having quality backups, the Fat Toad Guitar Cable 8 Pack has you covered.

Crystal Clear Signal for Electric & Acoustic Guitar

The last thing you want during a gig is your sound dropping out because of a faulty cable. With the Fat Toad guitar cords, you get clean, balanced signal transfer every time you plug in.

The oxygen-free copper conductors efficiently transmit your guitar’s entire dynamic range without coloring or degrading the sound. You’ll hear articulated highs, tight low end, and excellent harmonic detail from your amp.

The durable copper shielding blocks electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise that can pollute your signal chain. This allows your guitar’s natural tone to shine through.

Whether you play rock, metal, blues, jazz, country or any genre in between, these premium patch cables will transfer your electric or acoustic guitar signal accurately so you can achieve the right tone.

Built to Last: Superior Durability

Cheap cables without proper shielding can short out from stage movement and cause catastrophic audio dropout. The ample shielding and sturdy PVC jacket of the Fat Toad cords prevent this, while also providing long-lasting flexibility.

The cross-woven copper coverage maintains its protective integrity even after thousands of wraps, bends, and twists. You can step on these cables, stuff them in your gig bag, or coil them tightly without degradation over time.

The gold-plated plugs also withstand corrosion far better than nickel or silver connections. Gold resists oxidation and minimizes wear on the plugs’ contact points as you unplug and re-insert over months and years of use.

Universal Connectivity for All Your Gear

This amp cord set includes eight 20 ft straight instrument cables, giving you enough length to freely move while performing.

The rugged Fat Toad 1/4 inch cords can be used for:

  • Electric guitar to amplifier
  • Acoustic guitar to PA system
  • Bass to amp or pedalboard
  • Pedalboard chaining
  • Keyboards to mixer
  • Amp to guitar cab
  • Stage speakers to mixer

For home studio use, keep a few Fat Toad cables handy to quickly set up recordings and scratch tracks. The durable construction also makes them ideal for permanent instrument cable runs.

At 20 feet, these pro-quality patch cords give you slack for any live performance or studio application. And you get eight of them for less than $50!

Superior Value 8 Pack:

You would spend over $200 to buy eight comparable 20 ft instrument cables from high-end brands. Instead, you can get an entire set of eight from Fat Toad for under $50.

That’s studio-grade sound quality without blowing your budget. Whether you’re equipping your first pedalboard or upgrading your existing cables, these rugged guitar cords offer tremendous value.

The Fat Toad cables also come with a 1-YEAR WARRANTY. We stand behind the quality of these instrument cables, and will provide a replacement in the rare event you get a defective one.

Order the Fat Toad Guitar Cable 8 Pack now to step up your sound!


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