Facmogu 4PCS Pedal Hammer Counterweight – Customizable Counterweights for Perfectly Balanced Drumming


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Take your drumming to the next level with the Facmogu 4PCS Pedal Hammer Counterweight. This innovative counterweight system lets you customize the balance and feel of your bass drum pedal for smoother, more controlled playing.

Customize the Balance and Feel

The Facmogu counterweight simply clamps onto your existing bass drum pedal shaft. Its slim design and lightweight aluminum construction won’t weigh down your pedal or alter the action.

By sliding the counterweight up and down the shaft, you can adjust the balance and momentum of the pedal beater. Move it closer to the beater head for a heavier, more weighted feel that provides more power and drive. Slide it farther from the head for a lighter touch and faster rebound.

Dial in the perfect foot feel to match your playing style and technique. The smooth adjustment helps you execute double bass patterns with speed and stamina. Find the sweet spot for jazz and hybrid styles that require finesse and control.

Universal Compatibility

The clever design works with virtually any bass drum pedal on the market. The counterweight securely clamps onto 4-6 mm shafts, fitting pedals from all major brands like Pearl, Tama, DW, Yamaha, and more.

Jazz drummers will love the added control for smooth brush work. Electronic kit drummers can better emulate the feel of an acoustic pedal. It’s even great for practice pads and workout tools.

Thoughtful and Durable Design

The Facmogu counterweight sports a premium all-metal construction designed to handle heavy use. The aluminum clamp and steel counterweight weight will never break, bend or deteriorate over time.

Rubber padding protects your pedal shaft from scratches or damage. Grooves on the clamp ensure a solid grip that won’t slip or slide.

At just 0.05 lb (24 g), the counterweight provides subtle balance changes without excessive swing or instability. The slim, non-obtrusive profile blends seamlessly into your pedal.

Take Your Drumming to the Next Level

If you want more control, power and finesse from your bass drum pedal, the Facmogu counterweight is a simple and affordable way to upgrade your drumming.

Knowing exactly how your pedal responds allows you to execute intricate footwork with precision and confidence. Get the most out of your technique by balancing the beater to match your foot’s strength and speed.

The smooth adjustment range lets you tweak the pedal feel for each song or gig. Optimize your drumming for blazing metal tracks, precise funk/fusion tempos or booming rock ballads.

Serious drummers need the right tools to consistently deliver their best performances. Add the Facmogu counterweight to your pedal and enjoy the balanced response and complete control you need to excel.

Product Details

– Set includes 4 counterweights for bass drum pedals
– Clamps securely onto 4-6 mm pedal shafts
– Premium aluminum and steel construction
– Rubber shaft protection to prevent damage
– Weight: 24 g (0.05 lb) each
– Easily adjusts balance and momentum of pedal beater
– Gives more power and finesse to your bass drum technique
– Fits virtually all pedal brands and models

Experience the Difference

Don’t settle for a stock pedal feel that limits your drumming. Take control over the momentum and response of your bass drum pedal with the Facmogu counterweight system.

With unlimited balance adjustment, you can finally achieve your ideal beater feel. Execute intricate bass drum patterns with fluidity and power. Discover advanced control that unlocks new rhythmic possibilities.

The compact Facmogu counterweight discreetly upgrades any pedal. The hassle-free installation won’t change your action or impact – just precisely hone the balance to suit your playing.

Stop fighting against an imbalanced pedal and start enjoying the smooth, even response you deserve. Bring out your best drumming with the customization of the Facmogu counterweight!


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