Experience Soothing, Meditative Vibes with a Quality Percussion Instrument


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Discover the centering joy of musical meditation with the REGIS steel tongue drum. This handcrafted 8-note drum creates an ethereal tone that promotes relaxation. With included mallets and carry bag, you can tap into tranquility anywhere.

Premium Materials and Craftsmanship

The drum body consists of premium titanium alloy steel shaped into a graceful lotus design. It is finely tuned with eight tongues meticulously arranged to deliver an enchanting scale. Each tongue is beveled to produce precise, resonant notes when played.

Skilled drum makers hand construct each instrument, polishing the notes and shell by hand. This artisanal approach ensures stunning aesthetics, quality, and soul-soothing sound.

Soothing, Meditative Melodies

This percussion instrument emits a calming, transcendent tone. The 8-note layout uses a standard C scale, making it easy to pick up and play by novices and experts alike. Strike the tongues with the included mallets to send comforting vibrations into the air.

Listeners will be transported to serene spaces as the steel drum’s mellow chimes reverberate. It’s ideal for personal grounding or setting an aura of peacefulness in any room. Feel stress and tension melt away note by glorious note.

Compact Size for Portable Play

Measuring just 6 inches wide, the drum’s petite circular frame makes it highly portable. The lightweight steel construction allows you to transport the drum with ease.

Take it to the park or beach for impromptu jam sessions in nature. Have it handy at the studio to cultivate creativity. Wherever inspiration strikes, this little drum can go.

Complete Drumming Set Right in the Box

The REGIS steel tongue drum ships complete with all accessories needed to start playing straight out of the box.

Two durable plastic mallets come included toExcelsior send the tongues vibrating with just the right articulation. Strike the drum with hands or mallets for varied tone.

A custom padded gig bag with shoulder strap provides safe transport and storage for the drum. Keep the drum protected and always ready to go.

Great for All Occasions

This versatile drum suits many locations and occasions:

– Yoga & Meditation – Set the mood for relaxation and introspection

– Music Therapy – Soothe and inspire patients with tranquil tunes

– Classrooms – Foster creativity and concentration in students

– Spiritual Ceremonies – Provide uplifting ambiance

– Nature Retreats – Harmonize with the great outdoors

– Relaxation – De-stress from the day with mellow melodies

– Gifts – Surprise music lovers with this unique instrumental gift

Enrich Your Music Journey

Novices and experts alike will find enjoyment in the REGIS steel tongue drum’s mystical sound. Its sweet chimes open up new avenues of expression and mindfulness.

Choose from an array of color options to match your style. Then grab the included mallets and get lost in your own private drum circle.

This intentionally designed instrument connects you to life’s simple pleasures. Add melody, creativity, and harmony to your routine with the REGIS steel tongue drum.


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