ExcelValley 5-Pack TS Mono Splitter Cables for Eurorack Synths


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Patch into creative potential with this 5-pack of high quality TS mono splitter patch cables from ExcelValley. Designed for Eurorack modular synthesizers, these cables allow you to tap into new sonic possibilities by splitting a single mono signal source into two separate destinations.

With a rugged fully molded construction and pure copper conductors, each 3.5mm cable securely transmits your audio signal without noise, crosstalk or degradation. The slender flexible PVC jacket protects the inner conductors yet allows easy routing in tight spaces.

Split and Layer Sounds for Rich Complex Textures

Sending your oscillator or other sound source to two different destinations opens up many options for modulation and layering. Try splitting to two filters with different settings, then mix the outputs for continuously evolving timbres. Or route to both a delay and reverb for luscious ambient soundscapes. Splitting mono signals is an easy way to add depth and motion to your modular patches.

Interface MIDI, CV, Trigger and Gate Signals

In addition to audio signals, these mono splitters can be used for splitting control voltages (CV), gates, triggers, clocks and MIDI. Split your sequencer or keyboard gate to trigger both an envelope and a sound module. Or tap into modulation sources like an LFO or envelope follower, using one split output for your VCO and another for a VCF or VCA. The possibilities are endless when each cable splits one input into two outputs.

Expand Any Mono Synth, Pedalboard or Electronic Project

While designed for Eurorack, these versatile patch cables can also be used with other synths, pedalboards, guitar rigs and electronics that use 3.5mm TS cables. Split your keyboard to both your sound module and external effects. Use your favorite distortion pedal to drive two amps or chains in parallel. Interface sensors, microcontrollers and breadboards in your DIY projects. Anywhere you need to divide and distribute a mono signal, you’ll find a use for these handy splitter patch cords.

Premium Construction for Reliable Connections

Molded gold plated 3.5mm male plugs securely fit into jacks while resisting corrosion. Flexible stranded 26AWG copper wires maintain signal integrity through the split with oxygen-free purity. The durable PVC outer jacket is slim yet protective, and allows neat bends without kinking. Each cable is tested for continuity and reliable performance. With quality components throughout, these are built to last cable split after split.

One Simple Solution for Signal Distribution

Trying to split signals with individual patch cords strewn about clutters up your usable space and introduces uneven cable lengths that can cause phasing issues. Avoid the hassle by keeping these professional grade splitter patch cables on hand for any mono signal you need to divide cleanly. With all splitting housed in the molded Y joint, your system stays neat and organized. Just plug in and multiply your sonic options.

Split the Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary

Take your Eurorack patches into exciting new territory by harnessing the creative potential of signal splitting. With this set of 5 TS mono splitter patch cords from ExcelValley, you’ve got professional-quality cables ready to interface at a moment’s notice. Expand modulation shapes, widen vibrato effects, fatten up filters and pave the way for expressive analog synthesis. Splitting cables open up world of possibilities – multiply yours today.


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