ExcelValley 5-Pack Mono Splitter Y Patch Cables for Eurorack Synths – 1/8″ TS Cables [Yellow]


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Split and Route Audio Signals in Your Modular Synth System

Easily multiply control voltages (CV) and audio signals within your Eurorack modular synthesizer rig with this 5-pack of high quality mono splitter patch cables from ExcelValley. Each cable splits one 1/8″ TS source into two separate outputs, allowing you to route and mix signals for endless sound design possibilities.

Multiply CV’s, Gate Triggers, Audio Signals & More

Use these splitter patch cables to:

– Take a single LFO output and modulate multiple parameters at once
– Split a gate trigger to trigger envelopes, sequencers, drum modules simultaneously
– Route one audio source to two separate VCF’s or VCA’s
– Sync tempo signals from a master clock to multiple slave units
– Mix the outputs from two sound sources into one input

Whether you need to synchronize clocks, modulate multiple synth parameters, trigger sequencers and envelopes, or just experiment with signal routing, these splitter patch cords enable you to split any Eurorack 3.5mm mono signal.

Molded Gold Connectors for Reliable Performance

Each cable features full metal nickel-plated connectors to ensure clean, noise-free transmission. The gold-plated contacts resist corrosion and provide optimal conductivity. Heat shrink strain relief increases the cables’ durability and lifespan.

The flexible PVC jacket won’t transmit noise or crosstalk between cables. High purity 26AWG stranded copper wire inside the jacket carries signals with clarity and accuracy.

Perfect Length for Eurorack Patching

With a total length of 20 cm (7.9″), these patch cables are ideal for connecting Eurorack modules within the same row or between adjacent rows. The compact size reduces clutter, allowing you to keep your system neat and organized.

Long enough to bridge small gaps but avoiding excessive slack, this cable length is optimized for the tight spaces between modules in Eurorack cases.

5 Color-Coded Cables for Quick Visual Patching

The set includes 5 splitter patch cables in a bright yellow color. The consistent color-coding lets you visually trace signal flows at a glance. No more guessing which cable goes where!

Having multiple splitter cables on hand saves you time patching and repatching as you create and iterate on new sounds and modulation routings.

Compatible with All Eurorack Synths

This cable set works seamlessly with all Eurorack modular synthesizer brands that use standard 3.5mm mono jacks, including:

– Doepfer
– Roland
– Make Noise
– Moog
– Arturia
– Behringer
– Intellijel
– Mutable Instruments
– Pittsburgh Modular

No matter what modules you use, these 1/8″ TS splitter patch cables integrate into your system.


– Connectors: Nickel-plated metal shell, gold-plated contacts
– Wire: 26 AWG, stranded copper
– Length: 20cm (7.9″)
– Color: Yellow
– Quantity: 5 pack

Take Your Modular Synthesizer Further

Route CVs and multiply signals to new creative heights with this 5-pack of Eurorack splitter patch cables from ExcelValley. The premium quality and perfect length make patching intuitive and enjoyable. With versatile Y splitter cables on hand, you can push your modular synthesizer even further.


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