Evans Corps Clear Marching Tenor Drum Head – Crisp, Resonant Sound for Marching Percussion


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Hear the thunderous roar of perfectly tuned tenor drums projecting from the stands with the Evans Corps Clear Marching Tenor Drum Head. Designed specifically for competitive drum corps and marching bands, the Evans Corps Clear head produces the bright, discernible pitches that cut through outdoor stadiums and indoor gyms with brilliant clarity.

Constructed using two plies of durable film, the 10-inch Evans Corps Clear head consists of a top ply of 6.5mil film and a bottom ply of 10mil film for a total thickness of 16.5mil – thicker than a standard marching tenor head. This extra durability allows the head to maintain its crisp tonality and resonant pitch longer, saving you from frequent head changes during the rigorous marching season.

The Evans Corps Clear marching tenor head achieves that iconic drum corps sound favored by percussion instructors across the country. When tensioned on your tenor drum, the twin film plies work together to produce clear, focused pitches with long sustain and shimmering overtones. The thickness controls unwanted overtones while still allowing the drum’s fundamental tones to sing.

This combination of clarity and resonance makes the Evans Corps Clear perfect for amplifying your tenorline above the rest of the ensemble in any venue. The head projects with power in loud outdoor marching band competitions while also avoiding overwhelming volume during indoor winter drumline events.

With quality construction and materials made in the USA, the Evans Corps Clear marching tenor head is built to withstand the demands of heavy playing. The weather-resistant film stands up to outdoor marching conditions as well as the humidity of packed indoor gyms. The thickness also resists denting from the tenor harnesses hanging on the drum when not in use.

Evans has been a leader in drum head manufacturing since evolving from a small drum shop in 1956. Based in Springfield, Missouri, every Evans drum head is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States using proprietary methods and the latest technology. This quality and consistency has earned Evans endorsements from top drummers like Neil Peart, Matt Cameron, and Tommy Lee.

Key Features

  • 10″ clear tenor drum head for marching percussion
  • 16.5mil total thickness for durability and sustained pitch
  • Double film ply construction (6.5mil top, 10mil bottom)
  • Bright, focused tone with long sustain
  • Iconic drum corps sound projects in stadiums
  • Made in the USA

Experience the Drum Corps Sound

The Evans Corps Clear will immediately give your tenors the bright, open sound favored by drum corps and marching bands across the world. The 10-inch size fits standard marching tenor drums, conveniently replacing worn out stock heads.

The combination of a thinner 6.5mil top ply and a thicker 10mil bottom ply provides depth and focus to the fundamental tone. The overall thickness also brings out the rich overtones characteristic of high-tension marching tenors. When tuned properly, the Corps Clear head sings with clear pitches and long, even sustain.

The Evans Corps Clear is considered thicker than a typical marching tenor batter head. This extra durability ensures the head stays in tune through countless practices and performances. While the thickness avoids distortion, it also allows the drum to project for miles when needed. You’ll appreciate the resonance and responsiveness that make tenor licks, rimshots, and even delicate buzz rolls seem effortless.

The weather-resistant film stands up to dew, rain, and humidity – essential for early morning practices and all-day competitions. The thickness also provides some padding for mallets and drum harnesses. The Evans Corps Clear tenor head will hold its tone through a long indoor WGI season before needing replacement.

Competitive percussion requires drums that sound as good outdoors as they do in the gym. Evans’ proprietary film and coating technology allows the Corps Clear head to project in cavernous stadiums when tensioned high. The overtones sing but are controlled so the tenors aren’t overwhelming during indoor performances.

The Evans Corps Clear marching tenor head brings out the best qualities of your drums. Hear your tenorline clearly lead the ensemble with the characteristic drum corps sound that wins over crowds and judges.

Made in the USA

The Evans Corps Clear tenor head is proudly manufactured in the United States at the Evans drumhead facility in Springfield, Missouri. Each head undergoes rigorous quality control checks during the production process ensuring consistency and reliability with every one.

Drummers worldwide trust Evans to deliver high-performance, innovative drum heads that sound great and stand up to their playing style. By engineering products like the Corps Clear marching tenor head in-house, Evans controls and perfects every step of the manufacturing process.

Combining proprietary techniques with the latest technology results in drum heads that pros and amateurs alike can trust. Enjoy consistent quality and the iconic Evans sound show after show.

Choose the Corps Clear for Your Marching Percussion

The Evans Corps Clear makes your tenor drums sing with the vibrant, focused tone that makes drum corps percussion so memorable. The 10-inch clear marching tenor head projects in large venues but avoids muddiness for indoor ensemble clarity. With quality film and enduring construction made in America, the Evans Corps Clear brings out the best in your marching percussion.


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