Evans Clear 300 Snare Side Drumhead 14” – Single Ply 3mil Film for Wide Dynamic Range


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The Evans Clear 300 Snare Side Drumhead 14” is designed to deliver unmatched response, tone and versatility for snare drummers of all playing styles. Featuring Evans’ proprietary single-ply 3mil film, this drumhead provides excellent sensitivity for ghost notes, dynamic range for accenting, and focused attack for rimshots. The Clear 300’s thin, lively film makes it Evans’ most versatile snare side drumhead, suitable for any genre from jazz to metal.

Unparalleled Response & Sensitivity

At the heart of the Clear 300 snare side head is Evans’ exclusive 3mil single-ply drumhead film. This ultra-thin film improves response and sensitivity compared to thicker 2-ply films. The single ply allows the drumhead to freely vibrate and resonate, capturing delicate ghost notes and translating motions into sounds with precision.

Drummers can execute fast ghost note patterns or subtle brush work knowing every nuance will come through clearly. The thin film also enhances sensitivity for playing rimshots, sidesticking and percussion effects on the drumhead surface. Its high sensitivity lets drummers access a full dynamic range, from the softest whispers to forceful pronouncements.

Powerful, Focused Snare Response

Despite its thin construction, the Clear 300 offers focused snare response at all dynamic levels. The 3mil film provides excellent durability to withstand aggressive playing styles. Drummers can lay into the drumhead without overpowering the snare bed or distorting the sound.

The Clear 300 gives drummers the freedom to control snare response based on their attack. Lay back on the beat with subtle ghost notes or dig in to produce sharp and snappy snare sounds. The drumhead maintains its fundamental tone even when pounded, so snare response stays balanced in the mix.

Wide-Ranging Tonal Versatility

The Evans Clear 300 works beautifully across a wide range of tunings thanks to its single-ply 3mil film. It will retain its sensitivity and snare response whether tuned loose and low for a throaty and funky sound, or cranked tight for a crackling and muscular tone.

From jazz to funk, rock to metal, the Clear 300 snare side head can handle it all. The thin film doesn’t impose its own overwhelming character but instead complements and supports the batter head. The Clear 300 can be combined with coated or clear batter heads to craft tones for diverse musical applications.

Level 360 Collar for Easy Tuning & Seating

Evans’ Level 360 collar allows drummers to achieve optimal tunings fast. The collar works around the bearing edge to properly seat the Clear 300 drumhead and provide excellent pitch alignment across the head. This results in easy and uniform tuning, with no unpredictable wrinkles or distortion.

The Level 360 collar delivers a wide sweet spot for tuning this single-ply snare side drumhead. Drummers can easily dial in their desired tone, from warm and fat to bright and cutting. With the Level 360 collar ensuring even pitch and seating, the Clear 300 snare side head offers studio-quality tonality for both live and recording scenarios.

Made in the USA for Quality & Consistency

All Evans drumheads are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA at the company’s US headquarters. For over 60 years, drummers worldwide have relied on the Evans brand for the highest quality and consistency from drumhead to drumhead.

Employing advanced drumhead production technologies and rigorous quality control, Evans crafts Clear 300 snare sides to exacting standards that simply can’t be matched offshore. Drummers can be confident every Evans Clear 300 head will respond, tune and perform identically.

Clear 300 Snare Side Drumhead Specs:

  • 14″ diameter suitable for 14″ snare drums
  • Single ply 3mil film for sensitivity
  • Exclusive Level 360 collar for easy tuning
  • Wide dynamic range and versatile tonality
  • Controlled snare response across playing styles
  • Clear film provides open and breathable sound
  • Available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 & 15″ diameters
  • Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA

Bring out the full potential in your snare drum with the Evans Clear 300 Snare Side Drumhead 14”. With its blend of sensitivity, dynamic range and versatile tuning, the Clear 300 is a smart modern choice for drummers who want their snare side head to deliver maximum response and performance.

Check out the Evans Clear 300 Snare Side Drumhead 14” and other Clear 300 sizes at the Evans store today!


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