Eurorack Patch Cables 5 Pack – 12 Inch Nylon Braided 3.5mm Mono Instrument Cables for Modular Synthesizers (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple)


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Create clear, noise-free connections between your Eurorack modular synthesizer modules with this 5 pack of high-quality 12 inch braided patch cables. Enjoy tangle-free patching and enhanced aesthetics for your synth rig.

Premium Braided Nylon Jacket

Each of these top-notch 3.5mm patch cables features an ultra flexible braided nylon jacket that yields excellent handling and resists tangling. The colorful braided exterior also adds visual flair to your Eurorack system.

Perfect 12 Inch Length

With a 12 inch cable length, these modular patch cords are ideal for most patch bay configurations. The cables allow comfortable spacing between modules while minimizing excess cable slack.

Full Metal Shielding

Thanks to complete metal shielding around the inner conductors, these cables significantly reduce interference and crosstalk. That means cleaner, noise-free sound for your patches.

Color-Coded Connections

The pack contains five cables in different colors – red, blue, green, yellow and purple. Use the colors to visually organize different types of connections in your system.

Gold-Plated Contacts

Each connector tip is gold-plated to resist corrosion and ensure the best signal transfer between cables and jacks. The improved conductivity means less patch noise.

Ergonomic Design

From the finger-friendly braided jacket to the slim plug housing, these cables offer exceptional handling for easy patching. The flexible jacket material also allows the cables to lie tidy.

Compatible with All Eurorack Systems

These mono 3.5mm instrument cables work seamlessly with all Eurorack modular synthesizer systems, providing the highest quality connections.


– Cable Length: 12 inches
– Connectors: 3.5mm mono male to 3.5mm mono male
– Number of Cables: 5
– Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple
– Shielding: Full metal braided shielding
– Gold-plated connectors
– Braided nylon jacket

Package Includes:

– 5 x 3.5mm Mono Male to Mono Male Braided Patch Cables (12 inch length)

Give your Eurorack rig reliable, great-sounding patches with this set of shielded braided patch cords. Order the Eurorack Patch Cables 5 Pack today!


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