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Take your guitar playing to the next level with the ERINGOGO Stompbox Guitar Pedal Multi-Effects Bundle. This all-in-one pedal kit packs a versatile range of tone-sculpting effects into one stompbox, giving you chromatic tuning, lush reverbs, natural overdrives, and more with the tap of your foot.

The built-in chromatic tuner ensures your axe is precisely tuned before rocking the stage. Just step on the tuner button and strum – the easy-to-read LED display shows if you’re sharp, flat, or dead-on. No more guessing if you’re in key. Get perfect tuning every time and eliminate embarrassment from sour notes.

When it’s time to solo, kick in the overdrive effect for singing sustain and rich harmonic bloom. The ERINGOGO overdrive simulates the warm, responsive breakup of a tube amp pushed to the sweet spot. You get smooth, singing leads and crunchy rhythms without the tube amp volume. It’s an organic grit that enhances your tone instead of muddying it.

The studio-quality reverb effect bathes your guitar in ambience for slick fingerpicking ormakes searing blues licks ring out. Dial up a touch of reverb for a subtle sheen or crank it for cavernous halls that make every note drip with atmosphere. From a little sprinkling to lush depths, this ‘verb dresses up clean and distorted tones.

The handy looper lets you record, playback, overdub, and undo – perfect for building layered guitar textures all by yourself. Lay down a chord progression or riff, solo over it, add more guitar, vocals, percussion, and more. The looper stimulates creativity and is great for practice, songwriting, and one-man shows. Clear your head and let the music flow.

With its sturdy metal casing, compact size, and non-slip rubber grip, the ERINGOGO Stompbox Guitar Pedal Multi-Effects Bundle is built for the rigors of touring. Runs on 9v battery or optional power adapter for energy on the go. True bypass design ensures maximum signal integrity when disengaged. Take control of your tone and ignite inspiration with the ERINGOGO.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Chromatic Tuner: Get perfect tuning fast with the easy-to-read LED display. Mute output while tuning.
  • Tube Overdrive Simulation: Dial in warm, responsive overdrive – from subtle breakup to full crunch.
  • Studio Reverb: Add a touch of ambience or deep swirling reverberation to your tone.
  • Looper Pedal: Record, overdub, playback, and undo guitar loops and textures.
  • True Bypass: Zero tone loss when effects are disengaged.
  • Metal Casing: Road tough stompbox built for gigging guitarists.
  • Power Supply: Runs on 9v battery or optional adapter (not included).

Tune Up and Break Free

Nothing kills a guitar solo faster than sour notes from poor tuning. The chromatic tuner in the ERINGOGO Stompbox Guitar Pedal Multi-Effects Bundle ensures you’re always tuned up and rocking in key. Just hit the tuner footswitch and strum – the precise LED readout shows if you’re sharp, flat, or right on the money.

With a tuning range of A0 to C8, you can tune everything from 7-string guitars to 4-string bass guitars with pinpoint accuracy. The muted output allows you to tune silently on stage between songs. No more awkward tuning breaks.

The tuner calibration is extremely accurate, with a +/- 0.5 cent deviation over a wide detection range. It picks up vibrations other tuners miss. The reversed LCD display provides improved visibility under stage lighting compared to horizontal layouts.

Quickly tune all 6 strings or just touch up the string that went out. The tuner remembers its last state when activated again. Get perfect concert pitch every time with the built-in tuner in the ERINGOGO.

Creamy Overdrive and Singing Sustain

When you’re ready to take the spotlight, kick in the overdrive pedal for liquid sustain and vocal tone. The ERINGOGO overdrive effect is modeled after the warm, responsive sound of a tube amp pushed to the edge of breakup. You get rich harmonic bloom and compression without the massive amp volume.

Add just a touch of grit to fatten up clean tones or crank the drive for expressive blues soloing. The responsive controls let you dial in the perfect overdrive texture, from a subtle sheen to full-on tube scream.

The amp-style overdrive brings out the organic best in your guitar and playing style. Chords ring with complexity, embellished with warm overtone shimmer rather than buried in muddy distortion. Singing leads soar above the mix.

When recording direct, the ERINGOGO overdrive adds analog heart and attitude to sterile DAW guitar tones. It’s like having a seasoned tube amp in the room reacting to your dynamics.

For live playing, you can push the amp’s front end for extra saturation while retaining the amp’s signature tone. Turn up the heat on those classic rock and blues tones. The ERINGOGO overdrive pedal delivers iconic tube-style breakup in a compact stompbox.

Ambient Reverbs for Atmospheric Depth

The ERINGOGO’s studio-quality reverb pedal lets you soak your guitar tone in resonant ambience, from a subtle sheen to cavernous depths. It’s like having a high-end studio reverb rack in a pedal.

Add moderate reverb to enhance strumming patterns and arpeggios with a glossy sustain trail. Deep, expansive reverbs transform clean tones into rich pads for ambient playing. The reverb effect also makes distorted leads sing with added dimension.

With the ERINGOGO reverb pedal, you can recreate the sound of different real-world spaces:

  • Hall reverb: Deep, spacious echo as if playing in a grand concert hall full of reflective surfaces. Great for artsy, experimental effects.
  • Room reverb: Warm ambience like a hardwood floor studio. Adds depth without overpowering the dry tone.
  • Plate reverb: Vintage spring reverb emulation. Imparts a lush halo perfect for spaghetti western twang.

Dial up anything from subtle ambience to cavernous, drone-inducing depths. Use just a touch to thicken up guitar tracks in the mix, or max the reverb for atmospheric guitarscapes. The ERINGOGO reverb pedal brings studio-level control over ambience right to your pedalboard.

Build Guitar Layers and Textures with the Looper

The built-in looper pedal makes it easy to create layered guitar textures all by yourself. Lay down a chord progression, solo over it, add more guitar or vocals – the creative possibilities are endless.

The looper features unlimited overdubs, allowing you to build intricate multi-guitar arrangements. Undo the last overdub if you make a mistake. The looper records up to 10 minutes of CD-quality audio in stereo.

Creating guitar loops is a great form of practice. Work on soloing over progressions to expand your improv skills. Or use the looper to jam anytime – you become a full band by yourself!

The looper is also invaluable for songwriting, as you can capture inspiration as it strikes without needing other musicians. Get those song ideas recorded before you forget them.

For live use, build loops on the fly to add energy to shows. Between songs, lay down a rhythm figure to solo over as you transition to the next tune. Make every performance unique and spontaneous.

Unleash your creativity with the unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functionality. The ERINGOGO looper pedal will stimulate inspiration night after night.

Robust and Stage-Ready Construction

The ERINGOGO Stompbox Guitar Pedal Multi-Effects Bundle is built like a tank to withstand the rigors of touring and stage use. The metal casing protects against bumps, scrapes, and careless roadies.

The patch cables between pedals use rugged metal connectors instead of cheap plastic. The jacks are reinforced to withstand thousands of plugging and unplugging cycles.

On the bottom, a non-slip rubber grip keeps the pedal firmly planted on stage. No more shifting pedals or accidental activation. The tread makes it easy to grab with your foot


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