ERINGOGO Acrylic Knobs for Guitar Pedal Boards




Elevate your guitar pedalboard with these premium acrylic knobs from ERINGOGO. Crafted from durable acrylic with a stylish design, these knobs are the perfect way to customize your effect pedals.

At 1.03 inches tall and 1.03 inches in diameter, these knobs make a bold statement atop your favorite overdrive, distortion, delay, chorus, compressor, wah, and other effect pedals. The glossy acrylic material gives your pedalboard a polished, professional look.

Whether you play rock, blues, metal, jazz, or any other guitar-driven style, these knobs add aesthetic flair to your rig. Their transparent acrylic body allows the LED status lights on your pedals to shine through for optimal visibility on stage and in the studio.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the universal 6mm shaft hole and 0.46 inch height, fitting most major guitar pedal brands. Simply remove your stock knobs and thread these on in their place to instantly upgrade your pedals’ style.

Made from highly durable acrylic, these knobs will maintain their crystal clarity and luster for years of stomping. The thick 1.03 inch diameter gives them a hearty, stable feel when adjusting settings mid-song.

Dial in your tone with confidence using the knurled edges for grip. Whether making subtle tweaks or dramatic shifts, the textured surface provides control.

Go for a cohesive look by installing a set of 4 knobs across your pedalboard. Mix and match colors or stick to all one hue. For smaller ‘boards, you can use fewer knobs to match your specific pedal collection.

With an affordable price, it’s easy to deck out your entire pedalboard with these mod knobs from ERINGOGO. They make great gifts for the guitarists in your life too.

Transform the look, feel, and playability of your pedalboard today with these ERINGOGO acrylic knobs. Order a set now to take your pedals from generic to customized. Your tone and style will get a noticeable upgrade.


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