ERINGOGO 7 Pcs Brass Instrument Lyre Set – Marching Band Trumpet, Baritone, Alto Sax Replacement Music Folder Clamps


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As a marching band or orchestra member, you know the struggle of keeping your sheet music organized and easily accessible during practice and performances. Loose papers flapping in the wind are not only a nuisance but can cause Errors that throw off an entire ensemble.

That’s why these 7-piece brass instrument lyres from ERINGOGO are an essential accessory for any serious player.

Keep Your Sheet Music Secure

These marching lyres firmly attach to your instrument to hold sheet music pages in place. No more chasing after flyaway pages or losing your spot mid-song!

The durable iron construction and strong spring clamps secure music folders and scores right where you need them most. Just clip the lyre onto your trumpet, saxophone, baritone, or other brass instrument and you’re ready to march and play with ease.

Designed For Versatility

While specially designed for marching bands, these instrumental lyres work great for any musician. The set includes:

– 2 trumpet lyres
– 1 baritone lyre
– 1 alto sax lyre
– 1 mellophone lyre
– 2 multi-purpose lyres

The clamshell design and padded clip open wide enough to accommodate most brass and woodwind instruments. Securely mount your music even if you play trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, or tuba.

Portable and Easy To Use

These lightweight brass lyres make it simple to take your music on the go. Their compact size takes up minimal space in your instrument case while providing maximum functionality.

The foldable design allows for easy storage between usages. Keep a lyre with each of your instruments to be prepared for every practice and performance.

Setting up your sheet music is fast and intuitive. Just open the clasp, place your pages or folder within, and secure the clip onto your instrument. The perfect solution for students and amateur musicians!

Enhanced Durability

While other music lyres are made of flimsy plastic, these are constructed from heavy-duty iron for enhanced sturdiness. They are built to last through regular use with marching bands, orchestras, and practice sessions.

The thickened edges prevent digging into your instrument’s finish. Durable springs provide a tight grip that won’t shake loose, even during high-energy drum corps performances.

You can trust these sturdy lyres to hold your sheet music steady all season long. No more annoying repairs or replacements!

Designed For Musicians

Flipping pages while actively performing is nearly impossible. Keep your hands free to play your instrument correctly by securing your sheet music in place with these lyres.

Their smart design eliminates distractions while allowing seamless music reading. Experienced manufacturers ERINGOGO created these lyres with the needs of real marching band and orchestra members in mind.

Stay focused on your performance and let these heavy-duty lyres hold your sheet music for you. Order the complete 7-piece set today to keep your music organized this season!

Set Contains:

– 2 x Trumpet Lyres
– 1 x Baritone Lyre
– 1 x Alto Sax Lyre
– 1 x Mellophone Lyre
– 2 x Multi-Purpose Lyres


– Holds sheet music securely during play
– Clips onto most brass instruments
– Foldable and portable
– Durable iron construction
– Won’t shake loose or fall off


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