ERINGOGO 30 Pcs Guitar Amplifier Footswitches Stompbox Guitar Pedal Footswitch 3pdt Stomp Footswitch 9- Pin Blue Stomp Foot Footswitch Topper Guitar Pedals Guitar Parts Box Monoblock




Give your guitar tone a boost of expressiveness and customize your sound with this set of 30 durable and high-performing 3PDT footswitches from ERINGOGO. Whether you’re a gigging musician looking to expand your pedalboard options or a DIY enthusiast building custom stompboxes, these switches make it easy to engage and bypass effects with a tap of your foot.

Engineered for Reliability
Built to last through hours of stomping, each footswitch features a rugged zinc alloy housing and heavy duty components. The internal solder lugs are reinforced for a secure connection while the threaded bushing design provides a tight, wobble-free fit when installed. High temperature epoxy seals and protects the interior from dust and debris.

True Bypass Functionality
Thanks to the 3PDT configuration, these footswitches enable zero loss true bypass routing when used with guitar effects pedals or other devices. That means no unwanted coloration or degradation of your original dry signal when the effect is bypassed. Get the most transparent tone by keeping the audio path as direct as possible.

Versatile Compatibility
With a standard 1/4″ stomp style actuator and widely compatible 9 pin connection, these footswitches can be used to upgrade or build a vast array of pedals and amps. Use them to add tap tempo, channel switching, reverb control, and more options to your existing gear. The switches are also perfect for DIY projects like amp-in-a-box builds.

Reliable Switching Operation
Each footswitch provides positive and consistent switching action via high quality contact points. The durable components are rated for over 10,000 stomping cycles, ensuring years of flawless performance activating your effects. The branded Eringogo switches feature an industry standard 20mm spacing between lugs, making them a drop-in replacement upgrade.

Customize Your Sound
Take command of your tone by assigning these switches to your favorite effects. Use them to toggle phasers, flangers, wahs, distortion, loopers, and more. Put gain stages, EQs, and modulation at your feet to craft your signature sound. Integrate them into a custom programmed switching system to unlock the full potential of your virtual rig.

Jam-Ready Hardware
The panel mounted style is ready to install on pedals or into guitar cabinets with just a few screws. No soldering or wiring required. Each footswitch has 4 bottom lugs and 5 side lugs to easily integrate into existing stompbox circuits. Take your pedalboard to the next level by rigging up a modular setup with individual foot-controlled effects chains.

Built for Guitarists
These switches are purpose-built for the demands of guitar and bass rigs. Quickly activate effects in a split second to sync up with your playing for crucial transitions. The soft click feedback helps your timing when rhythmically switching channels or effects in and out. Configure series or parallel signal chains to get just the right tone and functionality.

Premium Components
Every aspect of these footswitches is built for top notch performance and longevity:

– Zinc alloy housing – durable metal construction

– Sealed bottom cover – blocks dust and debris

– Reinforced solder lugs – prevents disconnects

– Oversized actuator – stable and quiet switching

– 20mm PC mounting – drop-in replacement

Take Control of Your Sound
Unlock the full potential of your existing gear and take your rig to the next level with these pro-grade switching solutions. Whether you need to expand a vintage Fender amp or soup up your pedalboard, these footswitches have you covered. Upgrade and customize your setup with the improved control and enhanced functionality you get from high quality 3PDT stomp switches.


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