ERINGOGO 12 Pack Guitar Control Knobs – Red and Black Effect Pedal Knobs for Electric Guitar Bass Amps and Pedals




Give your guitar rig an upgrade with this 12 pack of high quality control knobs from ERINGOGO. This set includes 6 red and 6 black knobs that are perfectly suited for replacing worn out or missing knobs on your guitar pedals, amps, cabinets and more.

Durable and Long Lasting Construction

These knobs are constructed from durable plastic that provides a sturdy grip and smooth rotation. The plastic material also resists cracking, fading and damage from regular use. A set screw is included with each knob for securely attaching to 6mm potentiometer shafts. The convenient 12 pack ensures you’ll have spare knobs on hand for future projects and repairs.

Amplifier, Pedal and Guitar Replacement

No matter what brand or model of amplifier, effect pedal or guitar you own, these knobs can provide an instant facelift. They are ideal for replacing knobs on Fender, Marshall, Vox, Peavey, Boss, MXR, EHX, Ibanez and other popular guitar gear. The classic red and black colors will match the aesthetics of any rig.

Customize Your Sound

Having a set of different colored knobs allows you to customize the look and feel of your pedalboard. Use them to color code your gain pedals, time-based effects, modulation effects and more. The ability to quickly identify pedals by sight helps lead to faster adjustments while performing.

Upgrade Worn Out Knobs

Over time knobs can become scratched, faded and slippery. Replace worn out knobs on your cherished guitars and amps and restore them to like-new condition. Keeping your controls looking sharp improves the aesthetics and playability of your instruments.

Easy Installation

Installing these knobs is a breeze thanks to the included set screws. Simply remove the existing knob, slide the new one into place, tighten down the set screw with a small screwdriver, and you’re done. Most guitarists can replace a full set of knobs in just a few minutes.

Universal Fit

The 6mm shaft diameter allows these knobs to fit most mass produced guitar effects and amps. They are designed to fit standard US dime-sized potentiometer shafts. Before purchase, verify your hardware uses 6mm shafts to ensure compatibility.

Complete Your Pedalboard

Pedalboards look best when all of the knobs match. This set provides an affordable way to outfit all of your pedals with fresh looking controls. The classic red and black colors and textured grips further enhance the aesthetics.


Quantity: 12 Knobs Total (6 Red, 6 Black)

Material: Plastic

Shaft Diameter: 6mm

Knob Diameter: 27mm

Includes Set Screws

Give your guitar gear an upgrade with a set of ERINGOGO control knobs!


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