Erica Synths Polivoks VCF II Kit – Authentic Analog Filter Recreating Iconic Soviet-Era Synth Module


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Transport your synth sounds back to the gritty textures of 1980s Eastern Bloc techno with the Erica Synths Polivoks VCF II Kit. This DIY package provides everything you need to build a Eurorack module that faithfully recreates the filter section of the rare and eccentric Polivoks synthesizer. With judicious tweaks to bring it up to contemporary modular standards, this vintage-inspired module offers incredible versatility for shaping and sculpting sounds.

The Polivoks synth has an iconic place in electronic music history. First produced in the Soviet Union in the 1980s, its unconventional electronics and inefficient components gave it a raw, lo-fi character quite unlike anything in the West. The Polivoks VCF filter is known for its insane resonance that can sweep from subtle warmth to nasty snarling aggression. This makes it ideal for really mangling and mutating sounds to create hard-edged acid lines and industrial textures.

The Polivoks VCF II gives you direct access to this historic sound in a Eurorack-compatible module. It uses the original Russian K140UD12 integrated circuits in the audio path for maximum vintage authenticity. The 18dB/octave filter can sweep from 20Hz to 20kHz, with high pass, low pass and band pass modes providing extensive tone-tweaking capabilities. Just like the original, you can crank up the resonance control to the extreme for aggressive transient-rich filtering effects.

While the circuit sticks closely to the original Soviet design, Erica Synths added a few modern touches to improve functionality. The Cutoff frequency control has an extended range compared to the original, giving you more flexibility for sound design applications. Buffered inputs eliminate signal loss across cable runs. The module also eliminates the loud clicks that could occur when switching filter modes on the Polivoks synth itself.

Everything you need for the build comes included in the kit. All required components are provided, including pots, switches, knobs, power cable, printed circuit board and comprehensive build guide. The only thing you need to provide is the Eurorack case and power supply. Clear instructions and high-quality components make this a fun DIY project suitable for beginner and experienced synth hackers alike.

Once constructed, the Polivoks VCF II is sure to become a go-to module in your Eurorack system. Running external synths, drum machines and even guitars through it will add an iconic Soviet-bloc character that simply can’t be replicated through digital means. The filter’s amazing versatility can add new movement and musicality to sequences and pads in your modular setup. And for acid techno, industrial and hard electro styles, you just can’t beat the Polivoks VCF’s aggressive resonance when you need a screaming, face-melting filter sweep.

Product Highlights:

  • DIY Eurorack kit recreating the VCF filter module from the rare Polivoks synth
  • Uses original Russian integrated circuits for authentic vintage sound
  • Raw, aggressive resonance great for industrial, acid and electronic styles
  • Improved cutoff range, buffered inputs and silent mode switching
  • Includes all parts, PCB, controls, power cable and build guide

Experience a distinctive Soviet-era synth curiosity in your Eurorack system and unlock new possibilities for sound design with the Erica Synths Polivoks VCF II Kit. This vintage-inspired filter sounds like nothing else and is a must-try module for experimental musicians.


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