Erica Synths Polivoks-Inspired Dual VCF PCB and Panel


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Bring the iconic Polivoks synthesizer sound to your modular synth setup with the Erica Synths Polivoks-Inspired Dual VCF PCB and Panel. This DIY kit contains everything you need to build two vintage-voiced low-pass filters with voltage controlled resonance based on the Soviet-era Polivoks synthesizer’s filter design.

Craft Vintage Soviet Synthesis Sounds

The Polivoks synthesizer, developed in the 1980s in the USSR, is known for its edgy, aggressive sound. With its no-nonsense architecture and creative use of imperfections in analog circuitry, the Polivoks has a raw, biting tone perfect for industrial, EBM, and acid styles. Now you can harness that sought-after Soviet character in your Eurorack system.

Versatile Low-Pass Filtering

Each VCF channel has a frequency knob for manual cutoff adjustment from 20Hz to 20kHz. Use the dedicated CV inputs to dynamically sweep the filters with envelopes, LFOs, sequencers, and more. The resonance knob on each filter brings out rich harmonics when turned up high, capable of self-oscillation for beefy synth tones. A mix knob blends the outputs of the dual filters in one audio signal.

Quality Components for Reliable Builds

The components used are of the highest quality for noise-free operation. Erica Synths’ Polivoks VCF PCB uses durable double-sided FR4 boards and is designed for easy assembly. The front panel is machined aluminium with a vintage-looking gloss finish. All relevant mechanical parts, jacks, and knobs are included in the kit.

DIY Kit for Eurorack Synth Modules

This product is for advanced synth DIY builders looking to add a classic Soviet-flavored filter to their system. Once constructed, the module requires 35mm of space in your Eurorack cabinet. It runs on a standard Eurorack +12V/-12V power supply. All assembly instructions are included, along with the AS3360 VCF chips that provide the filter’s signature sound.

The Sound of Vintage Soviet Synthesis

Raw, nasty and aggressive – that’s the Polivoks. This dual filter module lets you harness that vintage Soviet character in new ways. Will you make acid techno, industrial drones or retro-futuristic synthwave? The possibilities are wide open with these Polivoks-inspired filters. Add some Soviet spice to your modular rig today!

Product Features:

  • DIY Eurorack module – Polivoks-inspired dual low-pass filter
  • AS3360-based filter design closely matches Polivoks synth VCF
  • Both channels feature manual frequency and resonance knobs
  • Dedicated CV inputs for voltage controlled filtering
  • Mix knob blends both filters to one output
  • Quality components for reliable performance
  • PCBs and all parts included in kit
  • Retro-looking glossy finished aluminum panel
  • Designed for easy assembly with instructions
  • 35mm deep – skiff friendly format

Shape Vintage Soviet Synthesis:

The Erica Synths Polivoks VCF brings back the gnarly, edgy character of this iconic Soviet synthesizer in a compact Eurorack module. With two channels of voltage-controlled low-pass filtering inspired by the original Polivoks design, this DIY kit offers enormous sound design possibilities.

Dial in the frequency sweep and resonance boost on each channel, then dynamically modulate the cutoff points with envelopes, LFOs, sequencers and more. At higher resonance settings, the filters can oscillate for thick, hollow-sounding synth tones. Blend the two filters together or split them onto separate tracks in your DAW.

Add some Soviet flare to basslines, leads, drones, percussion and any sound source that runs through these filters. The Polivoks VCF is perfect for industrial, techno, acid, EBM and darkwave styles. Harness some vintage Eastern Bloc character in your modular rig today!

Versatile Eurorack Filter Module:

The Erica Synths Polivoks VCF pack gives you everything you need to build a versatile, vintage-voiced filter module for your Eurorack system. Designed for easy DIY assembly, this product includes:

– Double-sided PCBs
– AS3360 filter chips
– Analog circuit components
– Mechanical parts
– Aluminum front panel
– Knobs, jacks and hardware
– Clear build instructions

With a 35mm deep design, the completed module fits in skiff cases or larger Eurorack cabinets. It runs on the standard Eurorack +12V/-12V power supply once installed. Start shaping raw Soviet-style synth tones in your modular rig today!


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