Erica Synths Polivoks Envelope Generator Eurorack Module


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The Erica Synths Polivoks Envelope Generator module brings the legendary envelope from the Soviet-era Polivoks synth to modular synthesizers. This Eurorack module recreates the original Polivoks EG circuitry with a few modern additions while retaining the classic character of the vintage envelope generator.

Vintage Envelope from an Iconic Synth

At the core of this module is the envelope generator circuit copied directly from the Polivoks, known for its unique attack shape and snappy response. First produced in the 1980s in the USSR, the Polivoks became popular in the West for its aggressive, growling bass tones and leads, enabled by the fast transient response of its EG. Now you can harness this envelope’s distinctive bite in your modular system.

Full ADSR Control

The Polivoks EG module provides complete ADSR envelope shaping capabilities. Adjust the attack time from snappy to gradual, extend the decay and release tails, and vary the sustain level. Use the dedicated Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release knobs to precisely contour your envelopes. LEDs light up to indicate each stage of the envelope, making it easy to visualize the shape.

Direct and Inverted Outputs

This envelope generator module offers both direct and inverted polarity envelope signals. The direct EG out follows the contour you set with the ADSR controls. The inverted output provides a mirror image of the envelope, going negative when the direct output goes positive. Use the inverted signal to modulate filters, levels, and other parameters in the opposite direction.

Gate Modes for Envelope Control

Two gate modes allow you to toggle between gated and looping envelope operation. In gated mode, each envelope starts from zero, requiring a gate signal to trigger it. Looping mode causes the envelope to cycle continuously like an LFO. A dedicated Gate Delay control lets you insert a gap between the end of the envelope attack and the start of the decay stage.

Bi-Polar CV Inputs and Outputs

The attack time and overall envelope amplitude can be dynamically controlled using the CV inputs. The EG depth input varies the envelope’s +/-5V envelope voltage range. Modulate this to compress or expand the overall envelope effect. The attack time CV input lets you change attack speed in real time. Bi-polar control voltages allow fast bi-directional modulation of both parameters.

Add Expressive Control to Synths and Drums

This versatile envelope generator integrates seamlessly into both analog and digital modular rigs. Use it to shape filter cutoffs and amplifier levels for synth voices. Attach it to your VCAs and VCFs to contour anything from basses to leads. For percussion, apply the snappy Polivoks envelope to mimic real drum dynamics. Add movement to sequences by modulating envelope times with an LFO. The possibilities are endless!


  • Original Polivoks envelope generator circuit
  • Full ADSR control
  • Direct and inverted polarity outputs
  • Gate or loop modes
  • Gate delay control
  • Bi-polar CV inputs for attack and amplitude
  • 5HP Eurorack format

Bring a distinctive Soviet-era synth sound to your modular system with the Erica Synths Polivoks Envelope Generator module. Sculpt punchy, articulate envelopes to make your synthesizer and drum voices come alive!


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