Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser Eurorack Module – Complex Analog Oscillator with Through-Zero Phase Modulation and Wave Shaping for Unique Sonic Possibilities




The Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser module brings the unique sound of complex analog oscillators to your Eurorack synthesizer system. With two voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), exponential frequency modulation, through-zero phase modulation, and wave shaping, this 30HP module opens up vast sonic possibilities for experimental and psychedelic sounds.

Two Interconnected VCOs Create Complex Harmonics

At the heart of the Hexinverter Mindphaser are two VCOs that can be used individually or interconnected to generate complex harmonic structures. The exponential FM allows you to radically manipulate the timbre of both oscillators for aggressive, grinding tones. Modulate the FM amount for dynamic spectral animation.

By cross-modulating the VCOs, you can create complex waveforms rich in harmonics. This allows you to simulate the thick, biting textures of vintage West Coast synthesizers. With the tune control, you can further detune the VCOs for dissonant beating effects.

Through-Zero Phase Modulation for Scrambled FM Effects

The Hexinverter Mindphaser includes an innovative through-zero phase modulation circuit. This lets VCO 2 modulate the phase of VCO 1, with the modulation continuing seamlessly through the zero point. The result is a scrambled FM effect that can create warbling, metallic tones.

By adjusting the modulation depth and frequency controls, you can strike a balance between harmonic dissonance and frequency modulation effects. At higher settings, the phase modulation can dominate, generating clangorous, ring-modulated timbres.

Wave Shaping Adds Saturation and Distortion

To further sculpt the output waveforms, the Hexinverter Mindphaser provides continuously variable wave shaping control. This lets you add saturation, contour the wave symmetry, and introduce asymmetric clipping distortion effects.

At lower drive levels, the wave shaper adds warmth and bite. As you increase the drive, the wave shaping brings in hard clipping distortion, reminiscent of overdriven analog filters. Use this to dirty up the VCOs for searing leads or industrial sounds.

Modulation Bus Enables External Control

While the internal modulation routing gives you a wide range of tonal options, the Hexinverter Mindphaser also includes a modulation bus for dynamic control of parameters. Patch in an external envelope generator or LFO to sweep the frequency modulation amount and phase modulation depth. This lets you create animated, evolving timbres that change radically over time.

You can also use the modulation bus to control the wave shaper amount. By sequencing this control voltage, it’s easy to create radical shifts in texture, from clean to heavily saturated. The possibilities are endless.

Quality Construction and Intuitive Controls

Like all Erica Synths modules, the Hexinverter Mindphaser features sturdy construction and high-quality components for long-term reliability. The panel controls have clear labeling, making it easy to intuitively experiment with the oscillator parameters.

If you’re looking to add truly unique, expressive oscillators to your modular system, the Erica Synths Hexinverter Mindphaser module is hard to beat. From creamy analog tones to Growling, harmonically rich leads, this complex oscillator will bring new dimensions to your sonic palette.


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